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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

Sound quality improvement solutions for everyone


Fidelizer is the audiophile’s system optimizer that optimizes Windows for audio applications. It works with any media player software including Roon and streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, YouTube, and others.


Unleashing Core Audio


Unleashing Core Audio


Give audio task more priority with dedicated core, improve low latency audio performance, and increase accuracy of clock resolution.

Take control of system responsiveness and network utilization completely by optimizing Windows multimedia scheduling platform.

Controlling processes


Controlling Processes


Isolate core affinity of non-audio process to single dirty core and reduce its priority so it won’t hinder audio related processes.

Launch media player software with higher priority from Administrator account by-passing permission filters for solid performance.

Managing services


Managing Services


Stop/Disable most system services that aren’t used in audio applications leaving only audio related services running.

Keep services for some audio applications that require network, remote control, or even security services smartly.


The enhancement of depth and the resolution of the complex layering of large-scale orchestral music came off stunning with Fidelizer.

Fidelizer removed the remaining veils and ensured the musical message was delivered in an effortless fashion.

For me, now, I cannot imagine going forward without Fidelizer.

Fidelizer resulted in the biggest single improvement to my hi-fi that I have yet encountered!

Focus and definition improved with an added bonus; a slight midrange hardness I have heard in JRiver was now gone.



The goal of Fidelizer’s optimizations is to reduce the “digital glare” in computer audio solutions and make music comes alive with a feeling of real sound. Fidelizer has free version without time limit. All changes made by Fidelizer are safely reversible.


Fidelizer is partnered with JPLAY / AudiophileOptimizer


Fidelizer is fully compatible with JPLAY / AudiophileOptimizer, and we developers are good friends helping each other.


JPLAY Marcin and I exchanged ideas on the XXHighEnd forum including some Fidelizer’s core concepts long before founding JPLAY and Fidelizer. Fidelizer’s optimizations are also done with JPLAY in consideration.


Audiophile Optimizer Phil used Fidelizer long before developing AudiophileOptimizer. He helped with Fidelizer Pro’s startup and I helped him implementing multimedia service in core mode.


You won’t have to ever worry about incompatibility issues with JPLAY and AudiophileOptimizer. Unlike certain companies that refused to provide support or even banned it, we helped each other in our fields of expertise for best sound quality.


Enjoy the music better with Fidelizer Upgrade Program


Fidelizer has been improving computer audio sound quality for free since 2011. As time goes by, new  computer audio solutions are growing so we decided to launch the upgrade program to extend support and product capabilities.

To read the product’s features and ordering details, including pricing on, please check Fidelizer Upgrade Program.