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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

Nimitra – Computer Audio Server


Nimitra - Cover


Fidelizer has been improving computer audio solutions for audiophiles since 2012. After successfully solving digital audio problems in audiophile and pro market worldwide, it’s time to launch our first physical product “Nimitra”, the cherished dream for audiophiles.

Coming from an audiophile who searched for highend computer audio sources before, Nimitra is a computer audio server that you can truly enjoy the music as highend sources and easy to use as plug and play product.


“I need to build ones they can enjoy without learning about computers”


It’s a lesson from interacting with Fidelizer customers who has no computer background before. With data from researching and developing a few local products in Thailand, Nimitra is the result of trials and errors as ultimate turnkey streaming audio solutions.


The results were unusually planted and rhythmically coherent for a file source, with greater body, weight, musical coherence and structural organization than I’m used to from file sources.

I’d take the Nimitra over the SOtM 1000D I reviewed a couple years ago in a heartbeat. It’s cheaper, more user friendly, more flexible and if aural memory serves, sounds just as good if not better.

A friend from Asia, with an impressive high-end audio setup, didn’t miss his Aurender W20 anymore since acquiring Fidelizer’s Nimitra; he actually sold it. At ten times the price difference, it surely opens up a Pandora’s Box.

The sound quality is crisp, very dynamic, very detailed, and the sound is natural, big and open. Especially impressive is the separation of instruments and voices and the believability of the soundstage image.

Overall detail and focus were first-rate with the Nimitra. In some ways, the Nimitra reminded me of the Playback Designs Syrah Server in terms of its excellent playback qualities.




Affordable Highend Audio Streaming Solutions


          Roon     HQPlayer


Nimitra provides outstanding sound quality and convenience as a turnkey device based on JPLAY/Asset uPNP ready to serve to any device. There’s no need for device installation or software configuration so no monitor, keyboard and mouse required. You can simply power on and music!


Music Server


Nimitra - Music Server


Nimitra can work as a music server by connecting USB storage and USB DAC, join the device with your network, and browse for your music collection using Linn Kazoo or any uPNP application of your choice.


Library Server


Nimitra - Streamer


Nimitra can act as a library server in place of NAS by connecting USB storage, join the device with your network, and stream audio to network players. It also supports DSD streaming and Internet Radio too.


Network Player


Nimitra - Network Player


Nimitra can transform any conventional USB DAC into Network Player by connecting USB DAC, join the device with your network, and stream audio to Nimitra as Roon ready and HQPlayer NAA device.


You can control Nimitra by using uPNP remote control software in the following platform below:

Windows: KazooKinskyfoobar2000 + foo_upnp
Mac: KazooKinsky
iOS: Kazoo, Kinsky, mconnect player (TIDAL Support)
Android: Kazoo, Kinsky, BubbleuPNP (TIDAL Support)


Nimitra is open platform so you can also install RoonServer as headless music server, apply room correction with Dirac processor, install J River to use digital volume control with JRemote. For first time users, you can use Nimitra like this.


1. Download and install Linn Kazoo app.
2. Connect USB DAC/Player to black USB port and external USB hard drive to top blue USB port on Nimitra’s back panel.
3. Power on Nimitra and wait until you hear “Fidelizer Nimitra is ready”.
4. Join WiFi “Nimitra” with password “fidelizer”.
5. Open Linn Kazoo and play music.



If you want to make any changes to Nimitra, we can also assist you with Teamviewer’s remote support for software configuration. 🙂





6moons Blue Moon Award 2017 for Fidelizer Nimitra

6moons Blue Moon Award, 2017 for Fidelizer Nimitra

The 6moons Blue Moon Award is bestowed only on components or music releases of rare excellence. Nimitra is the first server to receive this award.


AudioStream's Greatest Bits Award for Fidelizer Nimitra

AudioStream’s Greatest Bits Award, 2016 for Fidelizer Nimitra

AudioStream’s Greatest Bits is our version of Recommended Components. This list is culled from every piece of gear that we’ve reviewed each year and represents those components that stand apart in their ability to deliver a musically satisfying experience.


Mono and Stereo's Highly Recommended Award 2017 for Fidelizer Nimitra

Mono and Stereo’s Highly Recommended Award 2017 for Fidelizer Nimitra

Nimitra and Keetakawee’s work deserves recognition and I’m happily giving out Mono and Stereo’s Highly Recommend Award not only for the product but for complete experience and professional service that comes with it.



Fidelized Windows 10 Platform


Windows 10 comes with many features unrelated to audio solutions. Some may tweak OS to disable unused features. Nimitra handles this matter at roots by removing all non-audio features from installation itself, greatly improve audio performance by cutting almost everything in half.


Fidelized Windows 10 Pro debloating performance


There’s also special version of Fidelizer as dedicated CAS platform, applying more optimizations that be to put in Pro version and greatly reduce process time that can ready your system in about 30 seconds from power on. It’s the most solid audio platform in commercial products today.



Affordable yet uncompromised


Fidelizer already does fantastic job as software solution so building Nimitra music server will be something that can be used as a reference for future models in computer audio industry. It all started with the design for the best product and see how to make affordable ones without breaking its principles.


With over 10 years experimenting about computer audio, the best designed for computer audio machine should follow these principles below:

  1. No moving part – Moving part causes vibration affecting the accuracy of electricity’s transmission.
  2. Low power consumption – The best way to reduce pollution is to consume less power not adding more filters/isolators.
  3. Resonance control for chassis – It’s often overlooked in digital audio but resonance of chassis affect digital audio a lot too.


Fidelizer Nimitra Case Inside


As a result, the finished hardware design has the following specifications:

  1. Fanless machine – No fan, no vibration from fan and no noise pollution in listening room.
  2. mPCIe SSD for OS storage – No moving part, no vibration and no data/power cable for signal degrading.
  3. Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz CPU – Quad core, low power consumption but powerful enough with 2MB L2 Cache.
  4. Kingston DDR3L 4GB Memory – It’s a hard decision between lower CL with DDR3 or lower voltage with DDR3L but lower voltage is better.
  5. Direct 12VDC input power supply – Feeding power directly to the board reduces noise and pollution inside.
  6. 3.5mm aluminium alloy frame – It also comes with only 3 pieces having less frequency shift with audio-grade isolating feet.
  7. Built-in WiFi/Bluetooth – You can setup WiFi and Bluetooth speakers to use with music server platform.


From long research, this is the best hardware design that can compete all computer sources in market today regardless of the price. People believe getting powerful processor will improve sound quality but that’s not necessarily true since it also increases pollution and interference.



Direct support with Teamviewer




For audiophiles without computer knowledge, it’s very important to have remote access for cases like installing drivers for new devices after purchasing Nimitra. You don’t have to worry about being left behind after purchasing Nimitra with Teamviewer access built-in for professional support.





Fidelizer Nimitra I/O


CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core 2.0GHz
Memory: 4GB DDR3L
USB: 5 x USB 2.0 / 1 x USB 3.0
Connectivity: LAN / WiFi / Bluetooth / HDMI / VGA
Power input: 12VDC with 2.5mm DC jack
Power supply: 12V 5A switching 100-240V 50/60Hz (PSU upgrade is coming soon)
Dimension: 225(W) x 44(H) x 200(D) mm
Weight: 1.8kg

* for streaming from built-in Asset uPNP library server with DSD64 support. JPLAY Streamer accepts only WAV and TIDAL streaming



Ordering Nimitra


Fidelizer Nimitra Encore


Only US $1395


Building Windows-based computer audio server is costly with investment on software unlike Linux with no software cost per unit. However, it’s worth the price when you can enjoy the music with Nimitra when plays side by side against real highend digital and analog sources.

The MSRP price for Nimitra is US $1395 with 30-day money back guarantee and one year product’s warranty. You may also list your USB audio devices so we can verify and make sure to have the required drivers included before shipping.

Fidelizer and Nimitra customers can order Nimitra Computer Audio Server with $100 refund discount.

Bundles (No additional shipping)
OS Version
Roon software configuration
List USB audio devices here:



What customers say about Nimitra


To show how our customers satisfied with Nimitra Computer Audio Server product, we’d like to share customers’ experience with Nimitra. Feel free to read testimonials before before giving Nimitra a free trial with 30-day money back guarantee.


Read all customers’ feedback

Hello Keetatawee,

I have received the Nimitra in good order from DHL.

You have indeed solved the problem: the NAS can now be seen in the network and also be added as source for JRiver library import. The Nimitra is connected to my dac and already pla…

Pierre Vandersterren

Hi Keetakawee,

I got the Alpha USB driver installed and listened using jRiver Media Center. Wow! It really is a superior sounding rig! I will listen for several hours before upgrading to the Nikola power supply, but I am already very impressed!


Grant Jacobson

First I have to thank Mr Keetakawee Punpeng for all of his brilliant support he really takes care of his costumers!

I first started with fidelizer free a few months ago and was surprised over the difference in sound on my pc, only a few days later I …

Aleksandar Stojkovic

Hoi Keetakawee,

I thought I will give you an update of my adventures with Nimira and Nikola. It runs very stable. Some times after a driver switch a DAC clock locking problem occurs but that is fixed by a restart or some more switching.
Roon runs ver…


Many, many thanks!

I am listening to the Kazoo JPLAYSTREAMING on HUGO through HIFIMANN 1000v2 headphones and the sound is truly magical!

I am sure I will still need some handholding later on but for now everything is quite wonderful.

You are obviousl…

Colin Campbell

Good news. The sgms does sound superb. But nimitra is very close. Too bad we haven’t had more time to compare. We only compared the Shirley horn song playing now. In a blind test,  I may not be able to differentiate sgms and nimitra. Sgms maybe soun…

Adolphus Minu


I’m using the Nimitra now as Roon endpoint. Setup was very simple. Out of the box I must tell you it sounds magnificent. Roon is running on my custom PC.

Thank you. You have created something very special my friend.


James Daras

Nimitra/Nikola is a clear winner in my system; this innovative system represents a step change in performance. Compared with my ‘tuned’ laptop audio-PC, Nimitra/Nikola is clearly the better music machine. Higher level of detail, transparency and tona…

Kjell Nedrebo

As NAA with HQPlayer and a second pc, the Nimitra sounds really exceptional. Congratulations.

Maurizio Lombardi

After playing my special order Nimitra, It is clear that it is the best of the best music players out there, regardless of price and I am confident of that as I heard streamers from big names that cost more than 4 times Nimitra and don’t sound as goo…

Moussa Obeid

Sold my Aurender W20 & guess what , I bought Fidelizer Nimatra based on fidelized window 10 platform , which can serve as Streamer , Server & Network player Roon ready & as HQP NAA device . After doing much research ( read audiostream review about Ni…

Song Soon Onn





You can order Nimitra and receive local support from the following online shops below.



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