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    What customers say about Fidelizer

    To show our products and services’ quality, we’d like to share customers’ experience with Fidelizer Upgrade Program. There’s over hundreds of customers who shared their feedback with us so far.

    This works great, like a new player, love the options you have done great work keep it up

    Dwayne Labossiere

    Awesome, thanks! Sq is now close to perfect. I’m using now also ao. Fidelizer plus optimized sq of ao
    Noticeably. Sound is now concert hall like or hard Rock stage – whatever you like.


    Stefan Leiber


    many thanks for your quick delivery and for making such a good product!

    I spent some time last night (I live in Italy) listening on earphones and this morning connecting to my hifi setup.

    Only one word: Incredible improvement also over Plus Version.
    Everything more transparent, more focus and more Music!



    Thank you so much! All right. It’s beautiful. The difference with the Plus version is very large. Good job. I’m really very very happy!

    Francesco Vecchio

    P.S. : I will recommend Fidelizer to all my friends.

    Francesco Vecchio

    Thank you – I did a bit of listening last night and again this morning. It sounds tremendous.  – almost unbelievable difference when I was using the Purist/Audio Player settings.

    Many thanks for your time in your responses – I do appreciate it very much

    Best Regards
    Dean Mullin

    Dean Mullin

    Hello lucifiar:

    You”ll have to excuse me I know your real name starts with a K, but I don’t know how to spell it. Having said that This new 7.10 fidelizer program is fantastic best so far My system justs sings. Can it get any better? Could enlighten me a bit on these other software programs are they like fidelzer or a completely different animal. Keep up the excellent work.


    Brian Attenborough

    Thanks Keetakawee, it’s sounding better than ever !



    I’m realy happy… After installing easily Fidelizer Pro one hour ago I’m wondering how it’s possible. I’m 65 but I’ve never heard as high quality of music. And it came by a USB!
    You can be proud of your product it’s great!
    Thank you so


    Thank you very much. I will let you know after some serious listening. So far so good. I am impressed.

    Joseph J

    Thanks Keetakawee,

    When I was thinking the sound could not get any better, it just did.
    Many thanks.



    I recently upgraded to 7.10 on a WIN 7 older i7 processor using Roon & Tidal into an Exogal Comet Plus running balanced into RSA Apache with the Sparkos Labs SS3601 opamps listening with the Utopia headphones with WyWires balanced Platinum. I was pretty surprised with the change and just enjoyed everything.

    Steve McCoin

    I have never made a comparison of with/without Fidelizer. There are a couple reasons for this. Fidelizer loads automatically and there is no legitimate switch to easily turn it on or off without uninstalling it, at least as I understand it, and I may be wrong.

    Secondly, I am not some golden eared wizard who insists on the best equipment/software/source chain, and tests and compares all the elements so I know I have the best. I am an old gray haired curmudgeon who’s music is centred in North America/Britain during the 60s, 70s and 80s, and some older jazz and classical. I buy moderately high end gear and try and get the best from my gear without sitting around trying to pick the fly shit out of the pepper shaker. I chose to buy Fidelizer after doing some lengthy research. People I respect said positive things about it and I went with it. I am not going to test relentlessly or agonize over the level of improvement. What I do know is when I come home and put my headphones on and turn up some well recorded and engineered music, my smile is very big, and it stays with me a long while. I am happy. Often when I am happy, I don’t care to analyze why, I just enjoy it.

    Just for reference, I operate at home (desktop computer) Flac Files → JRiver → Fidelizer → NAD DAC → Woo Audio WA2 with upgraded tubes → Beyerdynamic T1.2 Headphones → Blissful Smile I use good, but not ridiculously expensive cables.

    I use the laptop for playing music at the cottage I frequent a number of times through the summer. Flac Files → JRiver → Fidelizer → Audioquest Jitterbug → Micca Origen DAC/ HP Amp → Beyer T1s OR Marshall Killburn Speaker.

    Thanks again.

    Gary Weber

    I must say, this is really an improvement. I run an Altec A7 bi-amplified horn system with single ended triode amplifiers. It is extremely revealing. I listen to classical/opera. Solo voice is an extreme test.
    Your software made an improvement that is startling. I’m very impressed. I will move on to your best software package shortly.

    Thank you so much.
    Best wishes.


    It sounds so fucking good that if it had came with reasonable duration not limited by hardware upgrades it would be a “no brainer” (which coincidentally also describes people who implemented it) for any audiophile.

    Only after i run fidelizer (free) for the first time i realized how tired the sound made me. I was wondering in what other dimensions software could possibly make further improvement to SQ, then i got surprised again mainly because i was expecting something else.

    Jakub Mazur


    it works perfectly !! double thumbs up !!

    Thank you

    Best regards – Bernhard


    My fidelizer Pro Works perfectly. The sound is wonderfull of naturel.I use Jplay in Dual setUp and i’am going to buy a second licence.
    Thank you very very much for this program.

    Patrick Tailliet


    I use Fidelizer 7.9 with Purist/Streamer setting on my JPLAY Control PC and Norton Internet Security turned off. This gives a very natural analog sound. I have an Uptone ISO REGEN with battery power on my DAC USB input which improves the sound even further.



    Hi Keetakawee,

    Fidelizer Pro works great for me. In the first place, I do not want to fiddle with computer settings and this product is easy to use. Tested it in my office (free version) and in my main system and the improvement in SQ was obvious in both. I even tested it with a coworker, (who is not an “audiophile”) and he was able to spot the difference in no time. Not easy to explain, but for him (and for me) music sounded less “confused” and better defined. I heard improved separation between instruments, a blacker background, and deeper bass rendition.

    Kind regards,


    Listened to the Pro version of the software over the weekend. For right around $350 my DIY music player sounds unbelievably good. Thanks for the software that provides the finishing touch.


    Hello! Please accept my gratitude and delight! Your product is great! I again listen to my collection of audio recordings and it is a delight! I wish You great success and new developments ! Vitaly Kanischev.

    Vitaly Kanischev

    Awesome awesome awesome!!! No more annoying drop outs during playback. You just saved me from having to spend a ton of $$$ on a dedicated server. Thanks!

    Mike Gadoury


    I’ve done some tests yesterday and it took only a few minutes to realize that Fidelizer works great! I’m running JPlay&Streamer on a Zotac ZBox Intel i3 machine with W10. It feeds a Benchmark DAC2 via USB across an iFi USB Power device. Music files are on a NAS.

    The improvements are everywhere. In a few words I would call it more crisp, clear, and transparent. All the attributes that audiophiles love 🙂 The amount of change is about the same as or even higher than one gets from changing speaker cables from dirt cheap to good ones.

    And the upshot is that a fidelized W10 now sounds better than W2012 server. This makes my life easier.


    Hermann Schmidt

    Absolutely fantastic thank you

    Earl Helm

    Fidelizer has definitely made my system sound much more three-dimensional. I don’t know what it is but music played back through my DAC is much more palpable now.

    James Holland

    Hi Again Dear Keetakawee, I need to say is an honor to say is Amazing Huge Lovely terrific improve when use Fidelizer Plus and really my jaw take the floor, really need to ask you if the pro improve over Plus.

    Thanks for your help to down load my software, really thanks a lot.

    Daniel Lafarga

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Very satisfied with the result of Fidelizer/Win7/Asus i7 into Auralic Vega/Exact. It helped with the dropouts (non-existent now) and the sound is marginally cleaner in Flac and visibly more “solid” in DSD (in my system and for my ears). My view is that, besides the main components and interconnects that impart most of the sound characteristics, small tweaks in which I include power cords, power conditioners, etc. and also software such as Fidelizer are minor unavoidable expenses that in small steps improve SQ.



    Thanks for the update. I love your program. It has been perfect for my server. What a great idea to maximize the value of what one wants to do with Windows.

    William Koch

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Just want to let you know, the effect is AMAZING. Thank you and I think that’s money well spent on my side


    Peter Hsieh

    I’ve installed the program and everything appears to work as it should. I listened attentively to my standard comparison recordings for several hours with another Fidelizer owner and we both saw improvements.

    Dominique Paré

    Dominique Pare

    It seems to make good work!
    More air and sweetness. The sound level seems to be lower than before, but i think this is in my mind, because of the softer sound.

    I think my setup can be optimized deeper, but this is a good step

    Thanks a lot

    Romain Usai

    All’s in perfect order.
    Similarly as before, the SQ has gained in the volume and quality of bass, better separation of instruments, clarity and depth.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards.

    Ireneusz Bakowski

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Fidelizer is great. The dynamics and musicality have improved significantly. Especially combined with Process Lasso.
    Thanks for the good work.



    Hello Keetakawee!

    I am actually quite happy with the performance so far.

    Kind regards,


    hi window X
    i am very happy with fidelizer pro.
    thank-you for this great app.


    Kohei Yamamoto (JPLAY)

    Thank you brother the sound was very good.

    Daniel Rodrigues Leal

    Great, thank you. I’ve purchased the Plus version and it sounds great so far!

    Cameron Fraser

    Ok, so far the usual :
    Quieter backgrounds, a more ‘dramatic’ presentation. Dynamics.

    Haven’t got full benefit from it yet, PC is finishing off some video conversions, and lengthy defrag

    Sys: JRiver, Jplay, Empirical OffRamp5 with robust powersupply,
    EE Minimax Plus DAC, Audible illusions Mod3 pre, VTL monoblocks, Martin Logan Ethos, Synergistic Rsrch cables,
    Analog too: WTL, BenzMicro etc
    Tubetraps, erc

    Doug Brasier (JPLAY)


    I’m sitting right now listening. It is unbelieveable how moch better Server 2016 sounds. Especially orchestral music.


    Harry (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    I received your product, installed it and everything worked fine. I use it on a small Zotac nano – actually the first one they put out about five years ago. I use Win 10 Pro and HQPlayer’s NAA.

    The listening experience is phantastic, especially DSD records shine with a deep sound stage and a precise stereo resolution that I have never heard before.

    Thank you for a great product,


    Rudolf Leibbrand

    Hallo Keetakawee,

    thank you for delivering so quick.

    here I want to give you positive feedback.
    I installed Fidelizer Pro without problems. I am very satisfied with the sound.
    (Before I experimented with the FREE version)

    My sytem is:
    Dual core pentium Desktop PC (only for audio), Win7 Ultimate
    USB: M2tech John Kenny with batterie P.S.
    DAC: Altmann with batterie P.S. and special jitterfilter.

    I am running the Filelizer in „Purist“ mode. Media player (with no network).
    Media Player is mostly Jplay, sometimes Foobar.

    Some people tell win10 is the way to go, some people tell win10 sounds bad.
    Should I upgrad from win7 to win10?
    I think when I go via USB, M2Tech, and kernel streaming, there will be no big differnce.
    I dont want to make a complete new OS installation, if I would upgrad than I would overwrite Win7.

    What do you think?

    Thank you once more for you first class piece of work.

    Best regards
    Thomas Mertens
    Berlin, Germany

    Thomas Mertens

    Thanks so much for developing this amazing product! Very much appreciated 😊 I really like and trust your software concept. It makes a whole lot of sense.

    I successfully installed it on my HTPC and I’m running it as Audiophile / Media Center. First listening tests seem to reveal a cleaner sound but I’ll do more testing soon. I’m running active Adam Column MK3 speakers, Audiolab M-DAC, XLR interconnects, AsRock Vision HT HTPC. Nothing special but it sounds great for me.

    Best regards,

    Felix Schumpelick

    Dear Keetakawee,

    I installed your software and everything works properly, the sound is very amazing in “presence” and deep….
    However, I noticed that although UAC control on my Windows 10 Home (version 1703, build 15063.332) is disabled, “Fidelizer Pro” does not disable Windows Defender, but only Windows Firewall.
    Even if (maybe) you’ll smile for this, I’ll tell you that I’m not (only) an audiophile, but a Dj… although very careful to music and playback quality:
    for example I love “Denon Dj” devices rather than Pioneer Dj … my PA System is “Electro-Voice” EKX series and my near-field monitors are “KRK” VXT4 …
    I would be happy if you could devote some tweeks to my “world”.
    I use as mixing software “Serato Dj”, my controller /standalone mixer is a Denon DJ MC6000MK2 and my quad-core PC is an Asus Sonic Master K550JF.
    I attach a file where you will find some suggestions by “Serato” software factory for PC optimization… you’ll check this and, maybe, you’ll can find something extra…
    Looking forward to reading you,

    best regards,

    Alessandro Cerquetelli

    Dear Keetakawee,

    Thank you for your product, which is working wonders indeed. Will have some questiones soon. Thank you very much again for now.

    Best Regards.


    Hi Keetakawee,

    I am running fidelizer plus in win server 2016 along with AO optimizer and the final result exceeded my expectations! Fidelizer plus gave to my system a vivid and truthful character, more volume and weight in the lower end, highs without grain, more air and space among the instruments and above all a little touch to transform the bit perfect play back to a highly emotional experience! Thank you for all these… In case I want to upgrade to pro, do I have to generate a new key or will I use the same??

    My best regards,

    Nikos (Audiophile Optimizer)

    Everything is working thank you. Is it my imagination or does the digital now sounds more analog like!

    Jeffrey Miller

    Again thank you, I just listen to music on headphones, super sound with your program

    Michael Schonknecht

    Hello Keetakawee,

    I had to email you to say a big thanks after spending a few hours listening with only Fidelizer pro on the Audio PC it is without doubt he best my music setup has sounded.

    The sound heard now is more and very realistic, I could settle for this sound now 😊 I have had the best listening experience ever with my system. The change bought by Fidelizer along with the already installed Audio optimiser and JPLAYStreamer is fantastic.

    This month I expect Audio Phil will release 2.20 beta 5 which could very well enhance things further also PS Audio has a new firmware to be released in the next few weeks. Also I should have received my next copy of Fidelizer Pro for the Control PC I’m in audio heaven now so how much more sound can be still waiting to be heard.

    I really did not think computer Audio could be this good

    Thanks So much


    John Ofsoski (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hi Keetakawee,

    I been enjoying the Plus and the difference between free and Plus is day and night!


    David Chiang

    Hi Keetakawee, thought I’d drop a few words on my Fidelizer Pro experience, for what it’s worth. I just replaced a 2002 HTPC with a laptop for the internet and a Hollis Audio Labs MS-3 fanless mini-pc music server with Windows 10. I’m using JRiver for my 15,000+ album hard drive library. Before I used Asio4all with Windows XP but now I’m able to use WASAPI for my Empirical Off-Ramp 3 USB Converter. I also use an Uptone Audio Regen for regenerating the USB signal ahead of the Off-Ramp Converter.

    My new MS-3 dedicated music sever was a huge step over my old “do it all” HTPC and with free Fidelizer, i was already in audio heaven. But all my friends tell me either get the Fidelizer Pro or the Audiophile Optimizer. Well because I’m not all that efficient with a PC and I didn’t want to mess with things that are over my head, the Fidelizer Pro was an easy choice for me. 12 straight hours of music listening nervosa later, I’m taking a break to write this up as I can’t listen and being able to gather my thoughts to write also. The music is so enjoyable that it demands your complete attention with no distractions. While I really enjoyed your free Fidelizer purist mode, the Fidelizer Pro Purist mode is a completely different beast. I can go to the other side of the house and the clarity gains in the music are still quite evident.

    Frankly Keetakawee, I can’t see where you’d ever be able to improve on what you already have here but please, feel free to try. hahahahaha Thanks for providing audiophiles with such an awesome pc audio product that’s so consumer friendly.


    Robin Bombard

    Lucifar I’ve had a conversion — Fidelizer free definitely makes my music sound better. It’s the audiophile thing, the sound of the music.

    But the PLUS! It makes me enjoy the music for itself, never mind the audiophile thing.

    Peter Allen

    Dear Keetakawee Punpeng

    Thank you very much for your excellent product “Fidelizer Pro” you sent to me. After downloading the file, I immediately installed it on my audio PC, part of my dual PC audio system. It has worked miraculously and I have found the sound quality of my music system improved drastically. It is far beyond what I expected. Since I started my endeavor of PC-based audiophile journey, I have now come to its near perfection. Thanks to your state of the art product, I have obtained the most precious sound reproducing system I have ever imagined with such as a low budget. But… you know, human desire is never ending. Now I feel my craving for even higher level of perfection welling up in me. I want Fidelizer Pro to be installed on my Control PC, too.

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Tadami Yamaguchi

    Yamaguchi Tadami (JPLAY)

    I’ve been very happy with the improvement in sound quality that Fidelizer has made to my Logitech Media Server based system since buying it last week. It’s improved clarity and detail through my Logitech Touch player which sounds more “relaxed” playing music now.


    Gordon Chalmers

    Sounds really good streaming over Tidal HiFi.  I was skeptical, but it is definitely an improvement; smoother, more transparent and analog sounding.  Listening through these, and they’ve never sounded better.  Don’t know how you did it, but great product.

    Aaron Paolucci

    Hello, I’m sorry, I do not speak English so I can describe how wonderful your program is.
    Congratulations on your work.

    strong hug.

    Silas Guimaraes

    Hi, thanks a lot for your hard work! The results are pretty impressive! Don’t stop improving the quality of pc sound! With much appreciation,Igor.

    Tyukov Igor

    Awesome. Everything works.)))

    Included Nelly Furtado-2017-The Ride Tap Dancing and not learned a thing appeared pensive beautiful floating bass in chorus.

    Cool. The sound became much better.

    Thanks very

    Shepeta Sergey

    Many thanks for your quick and efficient service.

    Listening is as happy as possible. 🙂


    Claude Waelti

    I cried when I first heard it. This is so close to LP fidelity. I’m using your software on my own custom build paired with a benchmark dac2 and the focal elear headphones. Just amazing!

    Dennis Maddock

    Many thanks, everything works much better, now I can enjoy the music without worrying, everything is in place and the H.D. Sound analog. You are a genius, thank you very much again.

    Carlos Óptico

    Carlos Optico

    Thanks Keetakawee, fidelizer works again, great as always-i missed it a lot these few days! Didn`t know i was addicted so far, now i know!

    regards G.

    Gottfried Hoeglinger

    Thank you Keetakawee. It sounds great! Been listening for a few hours now. Thanks for also putting up with me doing things backwards.

    Clyde Little

    After installing Fidelizer Pro on my system, I was pleasantly surprised. SQ has improved and most important, I could play now ultra/700Hz/0.01sec with no interruption. Before installing it, there was no way to achieve that without interruption. 10/11sec before the end of each song it just stops. I don’t really know what has happened (miracle maybe) but now I can fully enjoy the ultimate settings without any interruption, no matter what format is playing (DSD256 or hires or even mp3). Thank you Keetakawee!

    Milen Marinov (JPLAY)

    Sounds Great!

    Nana Kwaku Ampong

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Upgrading Fidelizer to Fidelizer Pro on Control PC of Jplay has apparent impact on sound, more depth, more air, and more contrast. I think it is an essential software for PC audio, and one of the most cost-effective investment. It is worth installing Fidelizer Pro on both Control and Audio PCs for Jplay dual setting.


    Hiroshi Ichino

    Hiroshi Ichino (JPLAY)


    I run my tested and I can approve that it all sounds great and the upgrade from the free version is much noted. I found the purist / player with no network worked best for me.

    Nir Zion

    Sounds Amazing on my htpc output spdif to my Marantz pre-pro from my Sound blaster x-Fi fatality pro, made a big diffence is the details. Thanks you so much for the product and thank you ahead of time for listening to my questions.

    Jeffrey Jensen

    Jeffrey Jensen


    Though I haven’t dug myself into the various options offered by Fidelizer Pro,
    I am amazed how huge improvement even Consumer level can achieve.

    I am simply not able to accomplish my usual listening tests because
    whatever I am listening to, I keep not wanting to change that song, just keep listening to it.
    The clarity and presence is so prominent even with my Genius PC speakers.
    Next weekend I am going to the countryside where my real audiophile system is
    in an acoustically treated listening room. I can hardly wait.

    Thanks a lot and congratulations for your product,
    it deserves the highest rankings.

    Gyula Szekeres

    Hello Keetakawee,
    tried out Fidelizer Pro the last hours in Purist mode. Realy fine music reproduction. The best I heard ever on my system. Read in the last 2 years many positiv Reviews and they described all changes in audiophile way very well. I can verify everything.
    Now I will advise my brother to buy Fildelizer also, because I had made him the same Audiocomputer like me.

    Alt last here is my Computer-Hifi-System. If you have any more recommendations to tune my system I will be very pleased.

    All the best

    Manfred Röher

    Love the software, it makes such a difference to my listening.

    Jim Kane

    Jim Kane

    It works very well. Maybe better than expected 🙂
    Sound quality is improved, silence where to be, better definition of soundstage as far as I can judge.

    My setup:
    Windows 10 Home, dedicated pc with Intel i3, 16GB of RAM, SSD, passively cooled (no fans), external powersupply.
    Preferrably using JRiver Mediacenter 20 (also using VLC for some video playback). ASIO, loading decoded file into memory.
    DSD files downsampled by JRiver ”on the fly” to PCM 176.4. PCM up to 192 without changes.
    All music (some 250 000 tracks) and video stored on either of three NAS in local wired network.
    Have tried DNLA control from other PC using JRiver Mediacenter, nice but not neccessary.
    Musical Fidelity M6Dac, Mark Levinson 320S preamp, two Abrahamsen V4.0 poweramps bridged into monoblock service, Canton Reference 2.2 DC loudspeakers. (I also play vinyls but that is another story).


    Jan Nilsson

    Thanks a lot. It´s running and sounding really fine in combination with Jplay and Qobuz.

    Regards, Lars

    Lars Sorensen (JPLAY)

    Hello there! Thanks for your work. This small software is really great! )) The most I like in pro version is autorun on Windows startup. Everything works fine: no lags or hardware conflicts or any other issues. I use netbook with 1,33GHz Intel Atom on Windows 8.1 then foobar and usb-dac.

    Romin Roman

    Very great Fidelizer Plus..regards from Firenze Italy 🙂

    Carl Sery


    I have compared my system with and without fidelizer. I note that there seems to be a more three dimensional image, cleaner, and correct me if I am wrong: Almost seems like I can turn the vomume down and still hear the details. Maybe it is a lack of noise.


    Ronald Black Baker

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Thank you for a great software. I have installed Fidelizer to my Audio PC for JPLAY, and working great, the effect is more significant than changing Windows 2012 R2 OS to Core mode.

    This time I am going to install Fidelizer to my Control PC. Hope it will impact more on sound quality. I’m really enjoying music more with Fidelizer. Thank you and keep on good work!

    Hiroshi Ichino (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hi Lucifiar,

    Thanks for the great product; I’m very impressed with the improvement it’s made (and even more surprised!) at the impact it’s had on the SQ of my system (especially Purist mode).


    Martin Johnson

    Hi Keetakawee,

    I have no idea how effective competing software offerings are, but your Fidelizer Pro software program is seriously effective and whose improvements are patently real. I mean, enjoyably real improvements that are not subtle at all. With the free version of Fidelizer, there were noticeable improvements though mostly subtle in nature. The improvements with JRiver were quite enjoyable. Listening to Tidal, however, was not quite as involving. Performance parameters such as transient response, dynamic impact and musical involvement felt slightly uninvolving.

    After upgrading to Fidelizer Pro, now listening to Tidal has become quite enjoyable. Now, instead of sounding soft, Tidal sounds satisfyingly dynamic, impactful, and possessing life-like transient detail. JRiver is noticeably more involving and performing at a level I did not think it could reach. Music from Tidal and JRiver are so much closer to sounding like my CDs being played on a high-end transport, like on a CEC or Esoteric, that I find my listening sessions to last much longer.

    My fellow audiophile friends have also been keen to pick up on these improvements. Other than going to a NOS DAC, this has been the biggest sonic improvement to my system. Fidelizer Pro is crazy good and for only $69. That’s a serious steal.

    Michael Wright

    Michael Wright

    Hi Keetakawee,

    I wanted to give a testimony of your Fidelizer PRO software version 7.6

    What I hear is a more natural, holographic, 3D-layered presentation.

    A lower noise floor, noticeable increase in focus and soundstaging, and a warmer, less analytical presentation.

    A bargain for the cost of Fidelizer PRO! BRAVO! Purist setting used and machine configuration: Audio Render.

    Randy Peterson
    (JPlay, Audiophile Optimizer, Fidelizer PRO, Windows Server 2016 OS, 10 channel active crossover setup with Schiit Yggdrasil DAC, 4 Schiit Gungnir multibit DACs, MiniDSP active digital crossovers, custom open-baffle 2-channel speakers)

    Randy Peterson (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Thanks, Keetakawee – I was able to successfully update to the Fidelizer Pro. The music is really sounding amazing, thanks very much.

    Thanks for a great product.


    Neal Stevens

    HI , I just tried HQplayer with purist level and audioplayer option , it sounds very detailed and much better than jplay+foobar.

    With HQP , Fidelizer really improve the SQ without side effect.

    Mark Chang (JPLAY)

    This helps me improve my source PC so much it will save me money from other potentially expensive downstream experimentation with different hardware, just to get the sound that I want 🙂 Dynamic range, instrument air, details and imaging have improved! It is noticeable even when I already have USB reclocker/regenerator & LPS in place.

    Benson Ang Zhe Heng

    Thank you! Everything is working great so far and sounds fantastic!


    Benjamin Gold

    Just thought I would drop a email and say a big thank you for Fidelizer Pro.
    I use it with Foobar2000, Process Lasso and Jplay on a stand alone Windows 10 PC. My DAC being a J Kenny Ciunas.
    I had used the Free Version of Fidelizer, and l can happily report than Fidelizer Pro gives a further gain in performance.
    Put simply, this is the best set up, l have had period.

    Kind Regards
    Damien Read

    Damien Read (JPLAY)

    Hello Windows X,

    Thank you for the new version. I am really impressed with the difference in sound while using Fidelizer.

    Thank you,

    Anish Mathew

    Thank you very much, the music took on detail and cleanliness. Played by Win 8.1> JRiver 22> ifi IDSD Nano> Ultrasone HFI-780. Files 24/96 and more. I regard good job.

    Tomasz Grudzinski


    Thanks for sending, sounds fantastic, I love it!


    Eric Pouliot

    Great program! I love what it does to the sound.

    Best regards,

    Johannes Rickert

    I bought the Fidelizer software recently and have to say it definitely makes a difference.
    I also found Keetakawee very helpful when I was setting it up.
    All questions were answered very promptly.

    Tony McEvoy

    I am really loving your software. I really made my system sound alive.

    Thanks RWong

    Robert Wong

    I have been enjoying your program. Thanks!


    Bob McPherson

    Thanks for the file. Great Sound!!! I’m using Tidal streaming on a dedicated server and ASIO4ALL and Virtual Cable as per your suggestion in manual.

    Best Regards,

    Rosario Capo

    Dear sir good day

    After a few days of listening to my new configuration, I am happy to inform you that Fidelizer Pro is doing a very good job at optimizing stuff. The sound quality improvement is more than subtle.

    Mr. Phellipe Wattel, the CEO and creator of the software Musichi suite introduced me to your program during High-End Show 2016 held in Athens two months ago and I am very pleased and happy with his suggestion.

    Thank you and looking forward to future updates of the program.

    Kind Regards,
    Sideris Fragoulis

    Fragoulis Sideris

    Hi, Keetakawee

    Fantastic your software! I use it precisely with a Copland Dac-215.

    Thank you very much

    Best regards

    Luca Budel

    Thanks for a great product! It works really well in audiophile/renderer mode, together with Roon-Jplay-Ifi-Lyngdorf2170 🙂

    Henrik Broman (JPLAY)

    Tx Man, Difference is night and day

    Chirantha Kariyawasan


    There’s been some debate as to the effectiveness and even need to improve the computer streaming into the microRendu. Many believe what happens to the stream before the microRendu is purified by going through the microRendu itself. Thus the theory there is no need for upgraded computers or software to optimize your computer such as WSY2K12v2, AudiophileOptimizer, Fidelizer, etc.

    All I can say is either my ears are defective or I’m a major victim of psychoacoustics.
    Each upgrade to my PC and Server, like linear power supplies, custom SATA cables, power cords, etc., can be heard through the microRendu.

    As for software optimizations, the Sonore microRendu and Ultracap LPS-1 easily resolve and reveal the improvements they bring to the table.

    Switch from Windows 8 or 10 to WSY2K12v2 (Windows Server 2012 v2), and you’ll easily hear the difference. More blackness, better spatial cues, better defined bass, a significant improvement in every audiophile term. Add Audiophil’s AudiophileOptimizer (It now works with Windows 10 and WSY2K12v2.) and place your system in minimal server or core mode and your listening experience will be in for a thrill.

    I’ve recently upgraded to Fidelizer Pro. I’d used the free version for several months. Fidelizer Trial version really makes quite a difference by itself. Fidelizer Trial improves the musicality of your system. It’s very noticeable even when used by itself or with AudiophileOptimizer. The easiest way to hear the difference is not to activate the software after it’s been installed for a while. If you’re not careful you’ll be tempted to think something is broken in your system. Then, “Aha, I forgot to use Fidelizer.” Soon your system will be “right” again once you activate it.

    Ok all true. Use the above software and you’ll think you bought a new DAC.

    But upgrade from Fidelizer to Fidelizer Pro, (about $60 USA) and you’ll think you splurged on a Lampizator Golden Gate. (Unless, that is, you already own one, and you’ll be even more amazed at what Fidelizer Pro does!)

    In simple terms, the use of Fidelizer Pro is mesmerizing. It’s hard to leave your system because suddenly your system will possess that “real sound” you’ve been searching for. And yes, it’s clearly to be heard across the network and via the microRendu.

    Liquidity is a term I’d use to describe what it’s done for my system. Percussive instruments like the piano and drums resonate with a rhythmic attack that wasn’t there before. Instruments and vocals appear out of a black space. The soundstage extends beyond the perimeter of your listening room both front to back and side to side.
    I dare you to play “Acadie” or “Shine” by Daniel Lanois and try to move before the album is over.

    My final word, if you’ve been using the Fidelizer free trial version for several months and haven’t upgraded to the Pro version, (like I did) for shame. The author of Fidelizer, Keetakawee, deserves your support for a job well done.

    And one more time. The microRendu is a great piece of kit that can be further enhanced across the network by the use of Fidelizer Pro.

    Steven G. Rowan

    Steven Rowan (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)


    works perfect now 🙂 ; should have bought Fidelizer way earlier!

    Kind regards,

    Peter Haupt

    Person in charge

    I purchased Fidelizer two the other day. I use it in ControlPC+AudioPC+JPLAY. I like it with high-quality sound very much.

    Yasushi Ichikawa

    Yasushi Ichikawa (JPLAY)

    Hi, finally is worth the effort, Fidelizer is rewarding, easy to use and also easy to notice the upgrade, when purist is awesome!.
    Also I am done with Foobar, I have nothing against their app as a remote!
    Only is need now, to install Asio drivers for video player, but this is for tomorrow.
    I suppose purist mode, can’t play video, I will see soon.
    I thought Fidelizer were more difficult to use, but I was wrong.

    Jordi Iglesias

    Dear Keetakawee

    Thank you for your message. The software upgrade is fantastic! So I have never been able to enjoy music before! Thanks for the support!

    Kind regards and a good week wishes

    Andre Walther

    Dear Keetakawee,

    Thank you so much for your support here and for upgrarding me to the Pro.

    All is working and I must say that’s an amazing improvement. I spend a lot on new cables and other hardware the past month and what a step forward it was to get your software in use at my pc. Foobar is just working so much better with more details and wider stage.

    Norbert Emmerich


    I’m playing well since using fidelizer, the scene is wider, more space between instruments and high / medium frequencies more refined, but my little English not allow me to write better.

    I’m using a fanless PC reserved for the digital music, current OS windows 8.1 pro, intel core I5, 8Gb ram.

    Thank you in advance

    Carlo Lasagna


    Thanks, it’s working fine on my new laptop. It makes a big improvement to the sound quality.

    Mark Wisniewski

    Mark Wisniewski


    a big “Thank You“ to you.

    To listen the music without Fidelizer is not good, because I know it from the old PC until he get broken.

    Dieter Jakobs

    Dieter Jakobs

    Thank you Keetakawee its great product and i’m really enjoying while hearing huge improvement in my system.

    Best regards,
    Cem Çelebioğlu

    Cem Celebioglu

    Just go throught the system then I uninstall the virus software and disable the windows defense. Then hola it works. And so far the result is ver amazing. Thanks for fast responding.

    Buu Ly

    Buu Ly

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Thank you for sending me the download link for my copy of Fidelizer Pro.
    I downloaded the software and installed it into my AUDIO PC this morning without any problems and the product is running fine.
    The result is pretty spectacular.
    1. Instruments are clearer and more distinctly separated from each other.
    2. The words that the singer is singing are clearer.
    3. Some Singers “reverberate” their voice a bit when singing the last note. With Fidelizer this “reverberation” of the voice becomes more noticeable.
    4. Wider and deeper soundstage
    5. Overall sound doesn’t have that Digital ‘sharpness” to it any more, especially with KPOP and JPOP songs.
    6. Interestingly, the PC seems to run faster.

    I have been tweaking my Computer Audio setup for a few years. I am running JPLAY in a dual-PC Setup with MinimServer and Kazoo. O/S is Windows 8.0 for both Control and Audio PC’s.
    I have been following Fidelizer for the past 2 years in the various forums. I considered it t be an “enhancement” for Computer Audio so I had been postponing the purchase all this time while I tweaked my PC’s.
    After I installed Fidelizer Pro this morning in my Audio PC I realised that I made a big mistake. Fidelizer isn’t an “enhancement”. The results produced by it are so major that it actually needs to regarded as one of the “cornerstones” of building an Audio PC and should actually be compulsory to be installed at the very beginning of the build !

    Anyway I have just put in an order for another copy of Fidelizer Pro – this time for my Control PC.

    Thanks for producing such an amazing piece of Software !

    Best regards,

    Eugene (JPLAY)

    I shouldn’t say this but it was the most well spemded 40 bucks I ever did in my system…
    Well, the 100$ in the ODAC to, but 40 bucks is less.
    But I’m worried about the purchase I’ve made because this seems work of the devil and I don’t want nothing with him.
    Well, if we talk about audio…no. nothing. Excuse me.
    I’m completely overwhelmed by the improvement and I doubt even you know the difference you have made in my sound.
    I’m an open baffle guy and also a DIYer.
    And in an OB system the effect is at least the double than in a traditional 2way system.
    That’s it. I’m going to spread the good news as much as I can.
    Bless you (if you’re not the devil…😉)

    Fernando Pereira

    Fernando Pereira

    I have installed the Fidelitzer Pro, everything functions easily.

    Effect with Fidelizer Pro
    Space picture broader and deeper
    Resolution is better
    All together very realistic reproduction.


    Silvio Jaeger

    Thanks 😊 after hours of experiments I can confirm that statement, about the sound, well is like a I having a new audio system in my house it’s amazing what’s Fidelizer can do , good recordings gain a holografic signature we get involved by the music ,my electro ecstatic speakers love it and me to 😊 in ripping (safe mode and Purist on) the same thing ,wider stage the silents are “black” dinamic’s, a wel controlled bass and punching one , and about voices? Fantastic !!!! Smoth present holographic, hours have passed since I touch the foobar2000 play button for the first time with Fidelizer on and I’m still amazed ,now I have hours of ripping in front of me humpf 😁 well is for good cause LOL 😁

    Thank you, you for your great product , I’m a happy customer, last night I uninstall Fidelizer and try to listen some music to see if I was listening “suggest music effects” the experiment only last half hour the difference is huge, is like I was listening music in a kitchen radio, lifeless no holographic effect… no nothing !!!! Once you try Fidelizer you can’t go back , once again nice work my friend 😎

    For now is all, keep your good work , for me is ripping time LOL 😁 bye..

    Joao Santos

    My name is Tom Shields I just purchased Fidelizer pro without even trying Fidelizer first. After I allowed it to do its thing I was blown away.

    Thank you,
    Tom S.

    Tom Shields

    Hi Keeta,
    I have tried the Fidelizer for a week and i’m impressed for the improvement on all fronts. Great job.


    Andrea Soresi


    Firstly I would like to say I have been using Fidelizer for some time now and moving into the pro version a short while back. It does everything you say to major sonic advantage. I run many audio systems both Windows and OS X based in my listening room.


    P.S Keep the good work up.

    John Endicott

    thanks for the update. Look forward installing the new version. I was really surprised about the results using the former one. It sounds better in contradiction to some comparisons to be found in the internet.


    Rolf Schumacher


    Thank you for sending a new version of Fidelizer Pro to me.
    Today I made it sure that this new version software runs correctly in my music PC.
    Fidelizer brings me a lot of enjoyment in listening to music with its high quality PC optimizations.

    Shinagawa Takafumi

    T.S. (from Japan)


    Just thought I’d let you know that everything is working and I do think the audio has improved.

    Running through a Chord 2qute dac it sounds fantastic but im still to make up my find on wasapi or asio ???


    Matthew Jones

    My congratulation for your program.
    It works fine and the improvements are easily audible: mostly I have found a better bass articulation, more overall transparency, and a better depth of image.
    Best regards,

    Giulio Salvioni

    Thank You, Keetakawee, installation was easy – the sound is absolutely great!
    I use a simple Lenovo laptop/Windows10 connected via USB to my dac (modified Bow ZZ8 CD-player); internet-connection via WLAN (LAN would be possible too); I use Qobuz-Desktop to stream from Qobuz most of my listeningtime; highres files stored on the laptop I play via foobar sometimes/seldom.
    The laptop is used for audio only. So I’m over here.


    Stefan Schulte

    Just wanted to say the pro version takes everything to the next level, really worth the upgrade! 👍

    Marco Tam

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Still early days but my impressions so far has been very positive. The software works seamlessly and Windows has been stable so far. There is less digital glare in the sound, enhanced dynamics and micro detail but without affecting ‘musicality’ of the sound. Having said this, in my warm Unison Research S6 and Harbeth P3esr stereo system coupled by Duelund tinned copper DC16Ga speaker cables I felt the Fidelizer added almost too much texture to already rich midrange and mid-base. Switching to Purist level addressed this adding more air and exposing treble in the sound signature.

    I use JRiver as a server and renderer within all in one PC at the moment and I don’t do any upsampling to DSD, etc. If any, I have a few SACD quality records that I downsample to 192khz (plus for movies JRiver would automatically down sample surround to 2.0 stereo)

    PS If your Nimitra hardware is as good as Fidelizer I might give it a shot as I’m planning to separate audio from video in my system. That’s for the next year project though (hope you will add LPSU by then 🙂 )

    Warm regards

    Radek Matusewicz

    Thank you for Your helping! It was very fast.
    It’s running on my Audio PC. The sound is very good! 👍

    Thank you,
    ákos sebestyén

    Akos Sebestyen

    Thank you.
    Easy‎ installation. (I was a little worried).
    Perfect,‎ clean, clear sound!

    Best Regards from Spain.

    Javier Martinez


    Listening and enjoying so far. Soundstage seems tighter and an occasional stutter with dsd I’ve been trying to diagnose seems fixed.


    Alex Chao

    Thank you so much. Your software is very wonderful. I’m using it with Karaoke Extreme and it sounds very great in my system. Thanks so much again.

    Anan Duangbanyang

    The sound is much much better with Fidelizer. Much more open and clearer. I’m pretty sure it is installed as it sounds so much better now.

    Your software clearly and definitely improves recording quality.  A lot. Your software is superb even with someone like me installing it. It sounds so much better than my regular computer.


    Jonathan Horwich

    Hi Keetakawee,
    All I can say is wow, I am in audio heaven. I cannot believe the difference between the free version and the Pro version, it is simply amazing, thank you so much for making Fidelizer Pro work so well. You are a genius.I wish you a long life and happiness.
    Kevin Knight.

    Kevin Knight

    Hello Keetakawee,

    this is just to let you know that it is working perfectly. My feeling is a clearer sound and a more precise scene construction.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    Andrea Puggioli


    Yes I tried it and it sounds great. Made the sound very clear and detailed. Also took out some of the bass so I had to add more bass on the amplifier. It was strange. But I like it that way.

    Katherine Williams


    I just wanted to touch base to let you know that my Pro install went perfectly and music is sounding better than ever (Devialet + AIR 3 beta + RoonServer). I set it up with the Network Render profile.


    Michael Connelly

    Thank you, Keetakawee,

    The first results are very good altough I need to do some finetuning (no easy access to the NAS at the moment). I will let you know. I already hear increased focus and better placement compared to the free version which was an improvement already.

    Unbelieveable this is possible by managing priorities in the os. You must be really knowing what you are doing…

    Thanks for the intervention and keep up the good work!


    Jacko Woutersen

    This is a report of our first experience with Fidelizer.

    I had heard of a few optimizer programs designed to improve computer audio sound, but I was sceptical. After looking around on the web I found an interesting product called Fidelizer. I decided to give it a try for several reasons; it had good reviews, the creator was very active in support of his product, and there was a free version.

    It sat on my Windows 10 computer while I attended to other things. I finally got to install it and the sound quality into my Devialet 200 DAC/amp was seemed improved when I was using Devialet’s Air app to stream via Ethernet. However this happy state of affairs did not last long enough to make any conclusions about Fidelizer. The Air program and Windows 10 stopped working together after a Win 10 update and I could get no music to play via Air over Ethernet. Troubles with Air are common among Devialet owners. So I grudgingly went to the inferior sounding USB input. Quite a drop in sound quality in my setup.

    Ok, let’s try that Fidelizer app and see what it does with a USB connection. So my audiophile wife, yes such creatures do exist, and I got comfortable in our Audio room for what we assumed would be a protracted listening session to notice any differences with Fidelizer. Kuhn Keetakawee, the creator of Fidelizer, had suggested I use the maximum setting of Fidelizer free which is called Purist. Yes, I got a personal email from the creator of Fidelizer in using the free version. That is rare! Ok all set, and we listened to three familiar tracks without Fidelizer. Nice, but not as good as over Ethernet with the infuriating Air application. Install Fidelizer at Purist level and fire up Girl Combo’s a’cappella powerful rendition of How Great Thou Art. Maybe ten seconds into the tract my wife and I are staring at each other in joyous disbelief. My wife says, what happened it sounds great. Yes it was a very big jump in sound quality in our system. It brought the USB connection close to Ethernet connection with the oh so infuriating Air app. I explained to my wife that this was the free version and there were two more powerful versions with promised improvement at each step. I also mentioned Kuhn Keetakawee’s optimally Fidelized music server.

    We came to following conclusions regarding Fidelizer, we ordered the maximally Fidelized Nimitra music server, and my wife renamed the product for us as the Fabulizer.

    Marcus Krafft

    After running Fidelizer Pro*(non-free version) optimisation, I was able to lower my Mutec MC3+USB’s Asio buffer down to 64 Samples and USB streaming mode set to Minimum Latency. No audio dropouts experienced(which wasn’t possible without fidelizer).

    I always keep my windows machine very well maintained(no spyware, bloatware or any unnecessary services/background apps). Even to the extend of going to device manager and disabling any hardware that is not essential(reducing processor IRQ)

    *Why I bought the Fidelizer Pro is because Windows serves as my primary work/gaming/entertainment consumption(including audiophile usage) computer, thus I want to optimise it’s audio performance to the best I can.


    Hello! All works well! My system with JRiver began to sound bladeturn and clean. Thank you! All the best!

    Nalimov Andrey

    Whoaw what a huge improvement! It runs very smooth in audiophile mode.

    Erno Groot Severt

    Thanks for answer me quickly, yes bouth disc run in the same machine.
    I’m really happy with the new sound, I thought that it’s very diffucult and expensive get better sound in my equipment, I have a metronome C2 tube dac, a Jadis JP2 tube preamplifier, a Merchand tube 4 ways active crossover, a Mcintosh MC2500 solid state amplifier for bass, a Jadis Defy7 tube amplifier in the mid bass, Conrad Johnson premier tube amplifier in mid high and a Mark Levinson in the high, with a 100,000 USD custom loudspeaker.
    I use Jriver MC22 with audiophile optimizer in my computer with Windows server 2012R2.
    The sound was great, but now is even better.
    Congratulations for your app.
    Now I have a big problem thanks to you…… I don’t want to turn off my sound equipment.
    Again, thanks a lot.

    Jesús Trillo

    Jesus Trillo (Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hello Keetakawee,

    I installed Fidelizer Pro and run the set up without any problem. Quite the opposite… I’ve never heard my audio system so clean and so musical ! Fidelizer Pro is a great upgrade and you’re a genius !!!

    My PC is dedicated to audio, I’m using JRiver as a player and music server and the only other software installed on this PC is for the control of my DEQX digital Xover. Looking at the various levels of optimization, that gave me the idea that while I need to keep access to my local network , I could disable the access to the Internet and turn off some security features that uses a significant amount of resources. I tried a few levels of optimization and the one that seems the best for me is the “Purist – Streamer” . Should you have any advice for a better choice, please let me know !

    Best Regards,

    Denis Colbert

    Hello sir Keetakawee Punpeng

    Allow me to thank you for the continued improvement of excellent sound. Especially the last two Fidelizer versions 7.3 and 7.4, allow me even with modest instrumentation, sample the quality of the actual Highend. Compared to the much more expensive device at my friends / but playing Without your improvement / my faithful sound audibly, spatial and dynamic.

    Thank you once again for your contribution and for your advice.

    Sincerely Ivan Remiaš

    Ivan Remias

    You do so much work in 7.4. 7.3 sounds on low level vs 7.4 I am can’t tell how I thanking to you. You are on right high-way.

    Thanks, I don’t know what I do without you and Fidelizer 🙂

    Stas Danylyshyn

    Hi Windows X

    Thanks for the update.

    I have recently installed Win Server 2012 R2 with AO which I run in core mode with a foobar shell. The sound is fantastic.

    Keep well

    Malcolm Sangster (Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hi all, 1st, Im new to this forum, 2nd Happy Birthday Keetakawee.

    I came across this program via the trade in the UK with one of my friends asking if I’d tried it.

    I hadn’t and as I’m one of those who has to mess, I decided to try the free version.

    My system was brand new built by myself, it’s a dual system with both movies and music.

    Windows 10 pro, JRiver, jRemote for control. I use USB for cd playback via my Teac UD-501 into my old AVR600 and onto my ES22 speakers.

    Movie side, an array of toys.

    Cables – Chord signature Aray and old signature linking the electronics.

    Musically, this program (version 7.3) adds the finishing touches to create to a sonically brilliantly musical experience. I have a system which brings so much detail out in the music that I cannot believe it.

    I’m also one that feels that if someone creates something that’s this good from the out, then they need supporting by buying the product. I only listened to one CD with the free version and heard what it was capable of, so purchased the pro version. So I cannot compare between the two.

    Had some fun installing it, but had great help from The guys.

    The end results is I would never go back, this program is the missing link for music. As for movies, with a special media centre option in the pro version, I’m hearing more definition here to. Program being used is Kodi.

    If your on the edge of buying, just do it. You’ll wonder why you hesitated.

    Cheers, ShanePJ



    Yesterday I have the first listening session with the Fidelizer Pro .

    So far , I can say that it introduces more timbral finesse , a sound stage more organized and deeper, in relation to the , already good, fidelizer free.

    I will report to you our further analysis…

    Thank you for all the attention you have me yesterday !

    Best regard


    Hello Keetakawee,

    thank you for a link and Pro version. 🙂 She works very well in Purist/Audio Player with JPLAY mini. 🙂
    In my case Fidelizer it’s a huge improvement: deeper bass, better dynamics, clarity, more refined sound (analog-like), accurate positioning.
    Now I can’t imagine that my system could sound even better! Great cooperation Purist/Audio Player with JPLAY mini!


    Andrzej (JPLAY)

    Hi Keetakawee

    I am very impressed with yours software.the sound is now much more analog, if i can put it this way,less distortion.

    Lukasz Budzilla

    Finally got the Pro version… Amazing improvements all round, but in my system specifically, bass slam, note distinction and the initial note attack all improved quite remarkably (sorry, I am a musician and I relate everything to notes). I also have been able to get drawn in the music and vocals almost instantly with good material, but even in mediocre productions or lack luster recordings the involvement was there. I am a happy camper! Thank you Keetakawee!


    Everything done well and sounding great!

    Thank you,

    Kohjin Yamada (JPLAY)

    It works excellent and a very good sound.

    Petra Liebich

    I am really enjoying especially in combo with a Jitterbug.

    Murni Jamil

    Everything worked smoothly. I used Purist, and can definitely tell a difference (good) over Extremist Free.

    Thanks so much,


    Jim Zadrozny

    Hello again,

    I’ve tried out Fidelizer Pro for only a couple of days and I’m stunned. What an improvement! It’s just like magic. The sound is more natural, detailed, bigger, firmer, airier. The list just goes on and on.

    You really are in service for a better future for the recorded arts. Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    Vidar Benonisen

    Hello Keetakawee,
    Improvements after installation of Your program are significant and more audible compare to AO 2.1!
    Thank You, now I can barely recognize my favorite source ( APL HiFi) from PC, both connected with APL dac!

    Greetings from Black Sea coast, Georgi!

    Georgi Vasilev (Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Thank you. I have tried your free version few times in the past, right from the first versions when you released the program. I’ve never been able to hear clear difference made by it but yesterday evening when I auditioned once again, I just so much enjoyed the music I heard that I decided to try your plus version.

    I also fully read the two threads in Head-Fi regarding your product, also the one in sound science forum where they grilled you about measurable differences. I’m senior Head-Fi’er myself and started my hobby with headphones. What I have learnt in 16 years in this hobby is that not every difference is measurable, especially in digital audio. My latest findings confirm that USB cables have clear audible differences and so do power cables, even though I was very skeptic about these two.

    I use single PC Win10 setup with foobar2000 to TeddyPardo U2S USB bridge (throudh Chord SilverPlus USB cable and AQ JitterBug) to Naim DAC and forward to my Naim setup.

    Greetings from Finland!


    Hello mr. Keetakawee Punpeng,

    I received and installed the both pro versions of Fidelizer..

    It sounds really good, more openess, transperency, more bassbody, stage, fluid etc..I am very happy..😀😊

    Again, what I hear with fidelizer pro is much better what I heard untill now.

    Kind regards
    Hans Schurink

    Hans Schurink (JPLAY)

    Dear Keetakawee,

    Many thanks for your excellent software. I have a high end Lindemann 820S SACD player but the weakest link is in the pressing and manufacturing of the CD and the optical readout. I was always convinced that once you were able to take those out of the audio chain you could get an even better sound. Taking a bit perfect copy and storing that on a SSD would eliminate that weakness.

    However until now the sound from my PC based music server was not as good as from my Lindemann player; a player that I also can use as a DAC which converts each audio stream into a DSD stream.

    But with your software for the first time there is now MUSIC and the sound is far superior to the replay from the SACD/CD. Thank you very much for that!

    Jan Drenthen

    Dear Khun Keetakawee,

    All I can say is “Wow”! Purchasing Fidelizer Pro is the best $70 I have ever
    spent on audio “gear” over the past 40 years! I never thought that my cheap
    laptop with an i3 processor and a portable DAC could produce audiophile quality
    music- but it does now! (I have a much more powerful laptop which needs repair,
    and I will be ordering another copy of Fidelizer Pro if I can ever get it repaired.)

    I am also now inspired to build a custom Music Server. When that machine is
    complete, the first software to go into it will be, you guessed it, Fidelizer Pro.

    Finally, I was pleasantly surprised at how much of an improvement Fidelizer Pro
    represents over the already impressive free version- but that’s the way it
    should be. Keep up your fine work- I’m looking forward to seeing whether you can
    improve Fidelizer Pro in the next version!

    Best regards,
    James Costa

    James Costa


    Got the Fidelizer Plus 7.3 software.Looking forward to hearing from you about future developments.I am very pleased with the results so far.It’s been a revelation.Thank you.

    George Johnson.

    George Johnson

    Thank you!

    Yes, I do believe that when Fidelizer is engaged there is a greater sense of spaciousness, more dimension and air. Very similar to what I hear as jitter levels decrease.

    I have gone to great effort to minimize the transfer of noise down the USB bus,

    but different software players sound different, and the best sounding player I have tried so far didn’t offer enough features, so I went back to Jriver, which sounded just a tick more flat to me.

    Now when using Jriver, there again is greater dimension.
    Trying to understand WHY software optimizations would make such a difference, all I can reasonably come up with in my mind, is, the less processes that run, the less hardware that need be engaged, which leads to less noise being created and sent down the USB bus and the ground plane, and greater signal integrity, which is also very important, as it means less processes need be active in the USB receiving chip, which, again means less noise pollution.

    There are those that disagree, but my experience is jitter matters, and in a bigtime way, and even small changes in timing make a very real audible difference. Every little thing that can be done to improve signal integrity and lower noise, therefore improve clock performance, is important and adds up!

    Thank you!!

    Andrew Ballew

    I love the sound of it so much I do not want to be without it. I was using it with JPLAY the sound was wonderful.

    Colin Layton

    Thank you. I’ve just set it up (along with Audiophile Optimiser) in Purist/Network Render mode for use on Windows 10 Pro NUC as HQPlayer NAA. Sounding pretty wonderful. This is with 512 DSD into t+a 8 DAC DSD. I’m still getting some (very faint) unwanted noise through the speakers, which sounds like it’s caused by the computer, but at the moment I don’t have any kind of isolation between computer USB and DAC, so I’ll probably get something like Intona/Regen/W4SRecovery etc.

    all best wishes

    Craig (Audiophile Optimizer)

    Thanks for the explanation Keetakawee!

    My wife and I listened well into the night… Your software does make an amazing difference. It’s like almost every last ounce of distortion has been removed! Colour me impressed indeed!

    Thanks again!


    Jeffery Malloch (JPLAY)

    Hi, just to let you know I’m very happy with the program. It’s made and amazing difference.


    Regards, Shane.

    Shane Harrison

    Hi Punpeng!

    I’m impressed, just could not believe the effect of the software will be so great. Since the first moment they were immediately noticeable improvements, the scene is darker, more air between instruments, three-dimensional sound image, unbelievably . Planing to go from Fidelizer PLUS to PRO hopes that the difference will be audible? After ten days of listening I can say that you’ve done a great job right, the computer now turns into audiophile machine.

    Thank you very much.

    Stanko Stankovic

    Greetings to Windows X,

    The upgrade from fidelizer 6 to 7 has been good to me. Giving me extra refinement and bit more punch compared to the old version. Comming from Windows 10 with fidelizer 6 going to Lubuntu with low latency kernel and now back to Windows 10 with fidelizer 7. Realized that in my system Windows 10 is giving me a more natural soundstage.

    Equipment: Tannoy DMT 10 modified, Pink Faun DAC 2, Pink Faun 2*90i amp, pc streamer asrock 3150dc with lineair Sbooster 19v powersupply and roonserver.



    I´ve instaled FIDELIZER PRO for a few months now and I`m very happy with it. I´m using FIDELIZER for Spotfy with JPLAY and they works togheter isn´t it? The performance is very good in my system (desktop); the sound came from a silence background, the hights and bass is excellent and the soundstage is exceptional!

    I´ve upgradet for WINDOWS 10 and it seens that the performance turned better now. It worths every cents that I´ve spend with the Fidelizer…It seems that I´m not need to spend money in buying CDs any more! Thank you!

    Marcos (JPLAY)

    After two days of listening I can honestly say this is a fabulous upgrade…the detail is amazing…far more clarity in all registers…more snap and a lot more toe tapping from me…how much better can it get?


    Andrew R Vincent

    Hi Punpeng,

    I installed Fidelizer Pro last night and i could say that if brings a significant improvement on the sound of my system. Coming from the free version i did’nt expect the improvement to be compelling. It open up the sounds with bags of details and with no trace of harshness in it. It’s money worth spent for me.

    Thanks and keep up your good work.

    Leoncio Barrera

    I tried the latest 7.3 software in audiophile mode. Install was flawless. I had previously run the fidelizer in purist mode with the multi core selection off as suggest since I some problems with purist initially. I was concerned since I use the my music server with chromecast-audio and monkeymote to control foobar2000 that in purist mode might be too much to ask. Now that your newest version is installed, I will go back to purist to see if everything is stable. The new version even in audiophile mode does represent a better depth of field and positioning. I tried it listening to HDRx classical/jazz and test AIFF 24 bit files. I am surprised at how well your software helps with performance of the OS.


    All my tube equipment has been refurbished / upgrade by me to my satisfaction. As DIY guy, I love to tweak my system. Your product does really fit the bill.

    Thank you.

    Michael Stallone

    Tanks for your Fidelizer update 7.3
    This is a big upgrade. The imaging is more precise. Complex orchestra are more more clean less comfuse. The bass are better, the medium are better.
    The sound is more dynamic and i understand more lyrics.
    The only little complaint his for the hight; they seem less sweet less melodius more hard.
    Chord Instruments (Violins, Guitars . . . ) and drums have moore vibrations, richer
    The imaging is larger, deeper. The music is more dancing. I have a better perception of the instuments position on the stage.
    I have headphone ByerdinamicT1 that i have been tweek. I have an excellent DAC and excellent Headphones amp all of this is interconnect with firts class cables. The USB power come fron a separate amp. My computer is all new and his master card have been choose for his sound quality. All of theses équipments and cables have been tweek with sylver paste, over grounded and protect from vibrations. I use Jriver, Jplay, Fidelizer Pro, Process Lasso, Park Control and a marvelless Usb driver name “ Asio driver”. This system with this kit of software give are very transparent sound system. It reveal that this 7.3 version is a marvelless upgrade.
    I work with my computer with a lot of software open at the same time and 7.3 is less intrusive than 7.1 and 7.2.
    Tanks a lot
    Robert Drouin, from Quebec city, Canada
    Excuse my english, i’m a french canadian who live in a 99.99% french peaple.

    Robert Drouin

    Thanks for the update.  Sounds terrific on Windows 10 with HQ Player.

    Grover Gardner

    Sounds good…very very good!

    David Bosci

    Dear Windows X,

    I have downloaded the application and installed successfully and find significant improved sound quality.
    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,

    Ho Andrew

    Hi Windows X,

    I’ve installed Pro and have been testing things with it. My computer is general purpose though not heavily loaded. I use Maple18 on it but it seems to run ok even with audiophile settings engaged, and I’m not noticing my updating or my McAfee stuff suffering visibly. Sounds great with foobar2000. The sound goes to my DSP/amps 40′ away on 192k spdif sent over a 5mw laser (my ‘invention’ 🙂

    John Roumas


    Fidelizer software is simply awesome for me – I nearly gave up on PC as a source, but now I am getting really close to my CD player – the sound is certainly more spaced out and softer, much less of that digital glare, with a bit of tweaking though JRiver, I can make it as warm as suits the music.

    Keep up the good work!

    Marios Petrou

    Hello mister Punpeng,
    Just did an upgrade to PRO!
    Hope to hear from you soon, very pleased with the audio “upgrade” on my computer!
    W.L. Van Winsen

    W.L. Van Winsen

    Sounds good, obviously so much improvements. Listening to music LCD3 is awesome. Music is much more matured up. I will follow up for future updates.  2500 Baht is worth it for the music, really good.

    Thamrong Munkarn

    Thank you much! Congratulations. Immediate and extraordinary improvement, even over the free version. Keep it up, Thomas

    Thomas Fischermann

    Hi WindowsX,

    thanks for the Download Link!

    I installed Fidelizer Pro 7.2 on my AudioPC. I do not exactly how and what you are doing in detail by your software, but the result at least in my system sounds phantastic!

    I’m seriously thinking about installing the Pro 7.2 licensed version on my Control PC, in case you provide me a good offer at the end. 😊

    Thanks, best regards


    Egregious Windows X,

    I’m testing my new Fidelizer Pro. The improvment is evident: more presence, more detail and (for me very important) increased softness of Highs. So my digital collection is even more appreciable.


    Giuseppe Fontana


    Yes very nice/you have done good work,I have been making some optimizations manually before I found Fidelizer. This is much more effective and easier (Thank you).

    Anyway I like it so I will buy one for my HTPC,I will do this tomorrow from that PC. Also I have a very High End PC I built myself,and I am able to use the Purist mode and still use the PC as usual /so I am very happy.

    Thank you,


    Hi, it works fantastically! Running it at purist level – usb into Geek Pulse Fi DAC . The difference is amazing as I’m sure you know. The background is so much blacker and the sound image more 3 dimensional. Many thanks for a great and easy to use product.


    Matthew Goddard

    As you know I just purchased Fidelizer Pro. I use it with JPlay and AO 2.0 with ROON on a dedicated audio PC I built myself and continue to improve. The PC is connected to Berkeley Alpha USB and DAC 2 to my beautiful CJ ART amps then to Amphion 7L speakers. The FP upgrade was very significant, most noticeable for me in the improvement in microdynamics. The already good soundstage was made simply better defined with more space between instruments as well as musical notes. I’ve been an audiophile since my early teens (AR 3 and Voice of the Theater speakers!) so with over 45 years of listening experience I’ve heard some really good systems. It would take a great deal of money to get much better that what I am currently listening to. Thank you.

    All the best,

    James Daras

    Oh my gosh I just installed and restarted my system. It is now so much faster and JRiver comes up much faster and cleaner. Thanks so much!!

    Patrick Hillard

    Hi Mr X

    All installed and working fine.. Haven’t yet done critical listening, but first impressions are good.. Quieter background more focused sound.

    Thanks again for all your help. I will certainly recommend this to my other audiophile mates.


    Pradeep Sajdeh-India


    I have been using Fidelizer for a month now and after this period my feedback will be no surprise : this is truly a great product. For some years now I’ve completly shifted to streaming music from Spotify to Deezer and now Qobuz. The convenience over CD clearly came at the expense of the sound. So i was looking for solutions to close the gap with regular CD player when I read about Fidelizer and Jplay.

    At this time, I don’t know if it is totally closed because I don’t spend to much time on A/B comparisons. I just can say that my frustration of PC music is know gone in using Fidelizer and Jplay with Qobuz. Let alone Fidelizer already does the job of making the music more evident to a great extent. The addition of Jplay makes the music even more communicative and easy to follow emotionnally.

    These sofwares are essential. Without them, I didn’t feel the need to shift from 320K Deezer to FLAC Qobuz that I had on trial. The limitations of hardware probably lessens the difference in sound. Hearing carefully there was a difference, but now it comes as an evidence. Thank you for such a great product !


    Jean-Marie Burgio (JPLAY)

    Super super Thank you. It all comes down. Thank you for helping me. Finally I can enjoy the music.

    Andreas Furst (JPLAY)

    Hi again!

    Well having a $50.000 system and expecting a $70 program to enhance the sound quality is completely ridiculous! I was wrong! This is simply awesome , I’m so happy I stumbled upon fidelizer!

    First impression is the voices, so clear and standing right in front of me. The tight bass, wow the tight bass! But guess you already knew that. Was expecting just a tad more transparency in the mid/treble, but for $70 I really can’t ask for anything else. Amazing!

    Keep up the great work, looking forward for version 8. And thank you so much for this!

    Aleksandar Stojkovic


    My initial reaction is Wow! I would compare the difference to same level as that the uptone regen made…but in different areas. I will have to wrap my ears/brain around that. But basically the staging and layering is imediately noticeable as much improved…more focus and presence. Backgound is substantially darker. Quite a bit less upper mid and high frequency hardness. Bass more extended and resonant. On low notes i can feel more concusive impact in my chest. More Prat and dynamics are faster and both larger snd also more subtle. I am impressed…easily worth the money. Far easier to setup than I would have thought. Run in Purist ..audioplayer no networking. Just reboot without when I dont need it. Its not quite as good if I allow networking and internet runs less than half speed. So will only run it purist no networking. Amazing

    Thank you and Happy Listening,

    James Whiting

    Wow.! Very nice upgrade from earlier version. Sounds better than my LP playback now


    Al Salerno

    Dear Windows X

    Thank you so much, was one of those weeks so it took a few days before I could install the Fidelizer Pro setup. I set it to run purist/audio player using J River 19/Win 8.1 and the results were beyond expectations! Clearly better than the trial version and worth every penny.

    I myself worked in pro audio in the past doing multitrack recording. OS was XP, on much slower machines than we enjoy today. To even do multitrack on a PC back then required DAYS of optimizing the OS/machine environment to create a smooth running unit that can reliably record. So I can really appreciate all of your work that went into making such a sophisticated solution as fidelizer and it is wonderful to just install it and enjoy!

    David Smith

    Expected to get a more stable signal chain, what it does. Didn’t expect that it would make a noticeable difference in sound quality in my case, but it does as well.
    Impressive, good job, well done!

    Norbert Alt

    Hi Windows X,

    Much thanks the Programm work and it s absolutely grest!! So much Details ! I’m happy about it and i will Tell it to my Friends so you get much New Hifi freak s!!

    Thanks Mario

    Mario Dausacker

    Windows X,

    I finally got around to installing Fidelizer Pro 7.0 and now 7.1 on my 2CH System. After the first song, I knew that this was a nice enhancement to my sound system. I have a C.A.P.S. based Windows 10 PC running Jriver through a BADA Alpha USB to a Mcintosh MDA1000 DAC, C1000 Tube Pre Amp, MC2301 Monoblock Tube Amps to PMC EB1i speakers.

    Your software definitely removed the digital glare. Like others described, “it was like a veil was lifted.” Soundstage and bass improved, clearer no haze. My system is now complete, Great Job.


    Robert Peyer


    I am totally pleased with the Fidelizer Plus 7.1!

    I can work at my PC hearing music without any interrupts with working Bluetooth an WLAN. I use it in consumer audio configuration. The improvment from the free version to the plus version is clearly sensible.

    Thank you and have a nice day,



    Well I tried your FPro 7.0 last night, and it is all that people have said it is.

    More low level detail, more depth, more space around people and sounds in the recording. You hear new details and the decay of notes in the recording space..

    Less glare, more fullness to the sound. Most noticeable for me on piano.

    Voice has a more 3-D sonic quality, more lifelike. Again, more fullness and roundness to the vocalist.

    I played around with various configurations, changed media players, reset to basic workstation then back to purist, all good, no trouble.

    Is it worth the price you charge? – Well I am a happy customer, and I am happy with the purchase. No regrets, I enjoy my music more.

    I run an Acer Cloudbook 32G SDD, with a 2 Tb external HDD for the media (wav 24/96) on USB3.0 port. USB out on a USB2.0 port with Jitterbug to a Gustard U12.
    Media player is Foobar when SQ is paramount, and Kodi when I want a better GUI and am not listening intently.
    Then AES/EBU to miniDSP PWR-ICE125, to LxMini speakers.

    So thank you, and all the best

    Jay Mendoza

    Thanks for activating the software so quickly! I’ve been testing it out a little today and so far I like it! Thanks! 🙂

    Holly Hughes

    Thank you for your assistance!
    I have been using the free version for many months and it solved all my dropout problems and significantly improved my PC performance when using MediaMonkey. I had tried shutting down apps and Windows services manually but was not successful in improving the latency issues to the extent the Fidelizer does. Thanks for the great software.

    Best regards,
    Mark Lemelin

    Mark Lemelin

    Fidelizer 7 is fantastic. I have a very good analog system and have always tried to get my digital front-end to sound as good as my best lp’s. I am there now, 7 was the last missing piece.


    Gary Aigen

    Dear Keetakawee Punpeng,

    I did some listening yesterday after installing FPro. My aim has been to find a better alternative to Mac/audirvana which I have used for several years. The two things I like about Audirvana are playback from RAM and shutting down unnecessary processes to reduce jitter. My set up is fanless Asrock mini-ITX, linear PS, all int/ext cables and case shielded (near perfect Faraday), McIntosh MA6700, Thiel 2.3. Foobar 2000 set up for WASAPI event with optimized buffer settings as per FPro guide in Windows 10. Without FPro, Foobar2000 is darker with smoother high frequencies compared to Audirvana/mac mini, but with reduced soundstage and slightly less detail, but very nice to listen to. After installing FPro on the audio player setting, there is simply no comparison. More depth, deeper base, wider soundstage and more detail. For me this is sheer joy because my mac mini/audirvana is at last beaten. I congratulate you for this achievement because nothing else could do this as effectively as FPro on a PC. FPro produces an immediate and profound difference to the sound which goes (in my case) from very good to fabulous. If tests were performed, then I would anticipate FPro to drastically reduce jitter. I also realise that a lot of the reviews published on FPro are correct in their conclusions. I am rubbing my hands in anticipation because my next step is to set up JPLAY.

    Thank you for taking good care of my request.
    Best regards.

    Gareth John

    Greetings from Singapore.

    I have been listening for the day and I must say Fidelizer does what it professes. I installed it on my i7 Toshiba notebook running JRiver as a renderer and output via Ifi iUsb 3 to my Teac UD 503 DAC. My network server is the Melco N1A. Cleaner and more tactile bass on a quieter background.

    Keep up the good work.

    Jeffrey Leong


    Thanks, i installed, and works.

    I not heared too big diference compared to before installing status. It is more analogue, better detail, but this diference is tot as big as i readed from forum and webpage.
    I have not time to test it really in deep, so i will take time during the following week to test it.


    Attila Ken

    Dear Keetakawee Punpeng!

    Thanks a lot!

    Big improvement!!!! Finally where I wanted to arrive!

    Thanks again,
    and best wishes,

    Uwe Schwarzer

    The sound is amazing, I have to say I couldn’t be happier with fidelizer.

    I’m using a Windows 7 PC with a SOtM tX-USBexp USB PCIe Card sending audio via USB to a IFI IUSB 3.0 which then sends audio to my Emotiva DAC. I was previously using asio4all as my driver but fidelizer blows it out of the water. There’s no competition.

    Thank you for pushing my system to the next level.

    Jean Gonzalez


    Thank you for offering a product like Fidelizer. I began my venture into Hi Res computer audio a little over four years ago (which I guess makes me a veteran of sorts LOL). I have along the tried many different types of computer builds and various software settings along with various DACs and sound cards.

    I used Fidelizer (the free version) for several weeks and the improvements were obvious. When Fidelizer 7 came out, I purchased the Pro version immediately. The improvents are substantial and numerous: improved transparency top to bottom, cleaner sound , larger stage, improved timbre, lower noise floor……. I could go on. A marvelous product that performs well beyond it’s asking price. Keep up the great work!!

    -Mike H. Iowa, United States

    Michael Heffron

    with your app, the sound of the digital part of my system have reached the quality of the analog part

    creditable work

    thanx a lot

    Andras Hajnal

    Hi Keeta.

    Very pleased with the pro software, I’ve been listening to music all day here in the UK and I’m hearing improvements all round with sound. I’ve had it set to Audiophile with Network Render.

    Kev Tugby.

    Kevin Tugby

    I can’t play without him!! He is the missing link, to play music with the laptop.
    A friend of mine owned a QA660—SD Card WAV Hi-Fi Digital Audio Player from QLS-HiFi.
    With my setup with laptop + Chord Mojo DAC without Fidelizer Pro I have no chance against him.
    Now I think, I have a little chance or more….
    Thank you.
    With best wishes,
    Ulrich Seipel

    Ulrich Seipel


    I get it working with AO in single pc mode and the result is very good, more analog like


    David Vandendorpe (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Sound quality with Pro version is night and day comparing to free version. Pro version gives better focus and darker background. Great value.

    Sathit Chanprom

    Hi Windows X

    I am listening now to my music with Fidelizer 7 and I am in love with it!
    Darker background and more natural vocals. I also noticed more air in the music and more focused sound stage. I can’t imagine myself listening to music from my PC without Fidelizer

    Thank you for the great work!

    Moussa Obeid


    Thank you for the software! It changed my system from ordinary to high end! Truely amazing!

    Kind regards,
    Edo van den Broek

    Edo van den Broek

    I’m listening now to the 7 it sounds so much better, You make my day thanks and a fantastic weekend.

    ( : Henri Jimmink : )

    Henri Jimmink

    WOW!! This is incredible. 7.0 plus is such a improvement over 6.0 plus. The differences are striking!!! My computer audio has NEVER sounded this good. Keep up the good work and thank you ????


    Scott Burchett

    Dear Keetakawee,

    Great Job! Wider stage, airier sound, more palpability: phantastic. Thank you very much

    best for you
    W. Zöllner

    W. Zöllner

    Hallo Lucifiar,
    Fidelizer 7.0 is already running. No problems with installation, all functions still working.
    And it is a step to more music again. Music comes more relaxed, more “analog”. Most improvement I can hear at soundstage. The picture is deeper and spacier with better separation of the musicians.
    Thomas Kleinschuster
    My system: hp Notebook, audioquest diamond, iusb, Ayre QB 9 dsd, KGSS hv, Stax 009

    Thomas Kleinschuster

    The program is actually awesome!!! I did not think, that it still brings out so much from our music.

    Best Regards

    Dinah Spiekermann

    Thank you Keetakawee!

    There seems to be a difference. The big picture doesn’t change at first listening, but there are changes in the details.
    There is more air (or room information), and the instruments are focused better, having more contour, or more defined “shape”.
    This is specially detectable with headphones. Good job!


    Joachim Siegmund

    Hi. First of all would I like to thank you for a great piece of software J

    I have a dedicated server with Microsoft Server 2012 R2 64bit. The hardware has been heavily tweaked J Oversized linear power supply, 8*22.000uF cap bank. The motherboard has its own external OCXO precision clock. A dedicated SSD drive for the OS and media software, this SSD has its own external OCXO precision clock. Another SSD drive for the music files, this SSD also has its own external OCXO precision clock. I have also installed a dedicated USB card for USB-SPDIF converter and this card also has its own OCXO precision clock.

    My server uses AudiophileOptimizer 1.40 I have also installed JPLAY 6.2 and I run JRiver 20.0.27 as a service and this is my media software. The server has one net card which is connected via cable to my Wi-Fi Router. JRiver plays all files directly from the internal music SSD drive (never via a NAS).

    I control JRiver via JRemote on my iPad. Because I use JRiver 20.0.27 can I still use ASIO, so the JRiver “Audio Device” is set to “JPLAY Driver [ASIO]”. I then installed your “Fidelizer Pro” software and did not expect any sound improvement, due to the heavily optimized hardware and software. I was wrong! your software did improve the sound, it removes digital glare which makes the server sound more natural. A very good improvement J I always set the “Optimization Level” for “Extremist” I think that it gives the most natural sound.

    Best regards
    Jacob Land Jensen

    Jacob Land Jensen (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Nice software with a good improvement on my audio system


    Laurent Maloberti

    hi team

    Fidelizer is already a must have software in my list for hi end SQ.


    Angus Liu

    Fidelizer opened Tidal right away
    Sonic impressions – 4 BASICS
    – instrument separation
    – imagining – instrument location in stage
    – more 3 dimentional Staging – especially depth layers
    – on massed strings – less digital shrill – less DIGITITIS

    Thx for super program
    I will be ordering FA Pro soon

    Wally Malewicz


    Thanks for the quick reply, I listened last night to the plus version, wow what a nice improvement over the free version, space and better defined leading edges on bass, the performers were more there, that “noise” that is there, although unnoticeable until it is gone, is reduced and the palpable presence of the performers is outstanding. Like they are in the room. I did not expect that step of improvement over the free version.

    Be well

    John Makela

    Hello Windows X,

    I recently purchased and installed the PRO version 6.14 and I’m very satisfied …. One of the features that I really like is that when you turn on your PC, automatically starts fidelizer;
    The end result is then what I had already warned, …… dynamic, speed and improved detail.
    On the PC server, I SO WS2012R2 / Fidelizer PRO 6.14 / Process Lasso …. I’m planning to put on and take off Audiophile Optimizer Process Lasso;

    thank waiting

    Lorenzo Mordini

    Hi Keetakawee…


    I listened to a few songs with just the free Fidelizer, and installed the PRO version. After a minute of listening the first song, I knew I was in for a treat.

    The music just flowed better and I felt it had more warmth to it. The voices and insruments were very coherent.. like they played well together

    The soundstage had more depth to it, voice/instrument separation and more air to it. Highs were sweet, bass was meatier, and voice .. so natural.

    In fact, I have been listening to music for the past 4 hours non stops…..I think this is my longest listening session so far…

    Adding it to the control PC also improved on what was already good!

    Thank you so much for your hard work.. it is quite appreciated!


    my system uses Jplay and Minimserver

    Control PC -> Audio PC > Uptone USB REGEN-> Conrad Johnson HD3 DAC -> C-J CT6 preamp -> C-J LP70S amp -> Totem Element Fire

    Have a good day! and thanks again!

    Serge Ah-Hee (JPLAY)

    Hi Windows X,

    I am the happy owner/user of Fidelizer Pro and I have a quick question. I installed Fidelizer Pro on my recording studio computer and I’m MORE than pleased with the sound quality. It makes a VERY noticeable improvement in both studio monitor and headphone playback, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.


    Al Stroh

    Fantastic work X, keep it up! I had no idea there was so much to be won with finetuning the the OS. I’m amazed!

    Bas ten Tusscher

    I am really really impressed by the fluidity and analog like sound of my computer by using Fidelizer. Last night whole family sit and listen music and I feel absolutely no fatigue after 3 hours of continuous long listening.


    Recep Kaya

    It’s all installed and sounding fabulous


    Steve Welsh

    Mr. Non,

    This is simply amazing. I never expected such improvements at this level. The performance is much more quiet and relaxed now. No more harshness to my ears, even with more clarity. It improved my system more than changing cables.

    Chaiwat Kootiratragran

    Hello Windows X,

    First I want to thank you kindly for sending me the Fidelizer Pro 6.13 software today !
    I have installed it and I can tell you that the sonic difference between the free version and the Pro version is huge (as you promised me in your previous mail)
    It’s amazing how much more detail,”air”, resolution,and soundstage width the Pro version let me hear in comparison with the free version, so compliments to you for this great results !
    The combination of Roon, Fidelizer Pro 6.13 and Uptone Audio Regen USB made my Asus VM 60 mini pc a seriously good sounding renderer and I can tell you that it is sounding better than the previous streamers/renderers I had in the past (for example: Naim NDX, Moon 280 DSD/MiND, Moon 180 MiND with Teddy Pardo 12/2 LPS upgrade)

    In the near future I want to upgrade the Asus mini pc with a good linear power supply such as the HDPlex 100 W or a Teddy Pardo 19/3,5 which will give the mini pc hopefully an extra sonic upgrade….

    Best Regards,
    Jan F.

    Jan Forman

    I am listening to my first album since installing Fidelizer Pro on my Samsung netbook running Windows 10 and JRiver MC21 through a SoTM dx-USB HD interface, USB Disruptor power supply and Cambridge Audio DacMagic. I can hear more depth, clarity, vitality, and layers of detail – very exciting, much nearer the artistic expression intended by the musicians. Wow! Makes Yes’ Fly from Here sound fabulous. THANK YOU.

    Richard Varey

    Many thanks. This is my second purchase from you. I know it works extremely well :). I have one installed on my audiopc at home. This one is for my laptop when away from home. Keep doing what you are doing 🙂

    Best regards

    Chris Gajzler

    Brilliant, thanks. Really enjoying the program by the way, I’m using it with process lasso now to kill off all other processes. Great stuff.

    David Thomas

    Hi, Lucifiar

    I run Fidelizer Pro + Asset UPnP Server + Linn Kazoo on Windows 10, It sounds greater than J.River Media Center 21, the background is very dark, instruments sound separately and clearly, I like it.

    Echo Chang


    Thank you for sending me my new fidelizer pro installer. Fidelizer creates stunning sound, its like adding another device to my stereo system. I will not want go back to listening again without the works of fidelizer. Excellent work!

    Thank you,
    Allan Jay Villanueva

    Allan Jay Villanueva

    I gotta tell you X. This program is by far the most significant upgrade in my headphone journey. It’s quite a revelation! I can’t believe what I’ve been missing since joining this hobby.

    Best $70 ever spent!


    Thanks for the update, the program works fantastically with my hi fi headphone setup.

    Travis McCoy

    Thank you. Installed and did the recommended foobar2000 settings. It sounds incredible !!! Such a big sound with SQ enhancements everywhere. Closest thing to “being there” that I’ve ever heard on headphones. I run Beyerdynamic T1 headphones with a Woo Audio WA2 amp and a Schiit Audio Bifrost Multibit DAC. My little system has never sounded nearly this REAL.

    Bill Erb




    You were right. With each Fidelizer step up…from the free version to Plus to Pro…the music has been enhanced. BIGGER. More immersive. More and more engaging. This is getting very close to LIVE. Big game changer in my system.

    Cheers !!!

    Bill Erb

    Hi Windows X,

    This is some brilliant stuff! Music seems to come from a darker background, with a more realistic tonality. Bass lines have improved significantly, each drum beat is tight and precise, overall bass is much more punchy and energetic. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this improvement. I’m only using the Audiophile setting, on a 64 bit Windows 7 Pro, have not really had the inkling to try Windows 10 or Server 2012. Would the upgrade is OS really benefit the sound quality with compromising on performance (movies/streaming/light gaming)?


    Your advise is greatly appreciated and once again, thank you for such an amazing program in the Fidelizer Pro.


    Ben L.Z.Y


    Thank you very much for fast sending. Sound is perfect !. Sound is really 3D right now, sound stage just full blending my room which is quite large (photo attached).

    I have to say that Pro version is worth every cent

    Thanks you

    Best regards,


    I am with Fidelizer 6.12 Pro. I love it . It make music more Listenable to have a deep connection Between me and the artist. (my music= all stream format by miniserver-Tidall Music-DS BubleUpnp-Kinsky-JPlaystreamer-Window 8.1 laptop) I love this setup.

    That is my system now. Thank You. Fidelizer to make that life to me.

    Vu Hoang Le (JPLAY)

    Dear Windows X,

    I have to report that I changed my music server from a Mac Mini to a PPA FC10 Music Server from Paul Pang. I didn´t expect a big improvement from Fid. PRO at this high end server, but I was wrong

    The advantage I got from your program is as good as at my old MacMini. It works well and is worth every Euro

    Thanks for that fine tool.
    Regards from Vienna, Austria

    Reinhard (Audiophile Optimizer)

    Just wanted to say that the sound from my laptop with red book cd playing through a portable USB bluray sounds better than my £3000 Classé CD player haha

    Danny Baty


    The download worked and is installed. Choosing Network Render has stopped the audio drop outs while streamimg Serius Internet Radio. The music sounds so much better.

    David Pritchard

    David Pritchard

    Dear Keetakawee,

    Haven’t got time to listen and compare but I think it sounds more solid and detailed, with less grain , more dynamic, especially on the drums.

    Thanks for the upgrade and I wish you a good New Year 2016.

    Russell Gray

    Thanks, I was already impressed with the Free version, this on to me sounds maybe less “romantic” but definitely more “fi” as in hi-fi – both run in “extreme” mode.
    I use Foobar for music and VLC for movies or TV shows, a side benefit being that VLC soundtracks now sound more realistic so you can brag about this as well.

    George Rattner

    Hi Lucifar,

    I use Fidelizer since 2 years and it’s a great work ! For me, the sound improvement it’s better than Jplay alone. I try some linux solutions, Volumio with Cubox, Daphile on my PC. Volumio sound great but it’s complex for me and i prefer Foobar, Jplay and Fidelizer on W10 PC. I choose to buy a mini fanless pc with W10 and continue with your work.

    Just to give a positive feedback and thank’s for your work.

    Best regards,

    Benoit Laouchez (JPLAY)

    Thank you

    Sound quality is a little subjective but I have a dedicated PC for storing my music and passing it to my audio system so I love your concept of minimizing Non audio processes and giving Windows a chance to provide the least affected bit perfect sound


    Frank Strelau

    Dear Keetakawee,

    Further to my earlier email below, in which I said that, having got everything working again, I would do listening comparisons between 6.11 and 6.12, I thought that you might like to hear of my impressions and so, here are my comments. There is more air around individual voices and instruments, high tones are clearer and more defined, whilst having less digital grain or glare. There is a tighter bass but it has more extension. The 6.12 update allows deeper insights into the music whilst, in spite of the greater resolution, making listening to music more relaxing. The update is well worth while and you should be very pleased with yourself, the Task Scheduler issue notwithstanding.

    Thank you again for your continuing efforts and for your help with the workaround.

    Best regards,
    Peter More.

    Peter More

    Hallo and thank you,

    after some years with free Version (up 1.x) i decide to update together with win 10 Pro.
    Easy installation, great sound Improvement. The Pro Version is even better sounding !
    I am really happy with.

    “My Setup : Extremist
    Music server with Network support.

    Audio only Music server Similar to C.A.P.S V3 Carbon
    Hi Face two with separated Power-supply.
    JRiver + JRemote
    and Windows Remote for Administration”

    Best Regards
    Michal Kaspar

    Michal Kaspar

    Congratulation for Fidelizer Pro! There is an incredible improvement in sound quality. Really great!

    Eugenio Fenocchi

    Andrea Fenocchi

    Very nice indeed! I admit I was skeptical, but a friend convinced me to try out the Pro version. I’m an audiophile and chose to go with the “Extremist” level with use on my J.River MC20 and my Windows 10 desktop. I use a USB DAC with CDs ripped to flac. The sound I’m getting is remarkable. Are there any settings I need to change in MC20 to take full advantage of sound quality?

    Thanks for a great product.

    James Frank

    I installed the program and it works ok, noticeably superior sound stage in particular on low frequencies, congratulations !! greetings pgbell

    Piergiulio Bellini

    Dear Keetakawee Punpeng,

    Thank you for your very quick response. I have installed Fidelizer Pro easily and use it together with Jplay and Tidal followed by two vst-hosts with an ambiophonic vst-plugin and an acourate-convolver-plugin respectively.

    Before I have used your free version for a long time, which is very good. But your pro version enables my notebook and dac to reproduce music superbly.

    With best regards,
    Eckhard Winkelmann

    Elke Winkelmann (JPLAY)

    I figured out how to get the best sound possible on Windows if you use Fidelizer and sound pimp both it makes the sound sound amazing. I broadcast on and have been told I have the best sound on vaughnlive is so crisp and clear. I just wanted to let you know this and also let you know your program is awesome thanks.

    Lawrence Stover


    I have been using Fidelizer with Jplay for some time but Fidelizer Pro really makes the difference, i’m quiet happy with the result, the sound of my system really changed for the better.

    Best regards

    Joaquim Lola (JPLAY)

    It definitely works! I can tell the difference after using it. Well done!
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Kwok Kwun Loke Ernest

    Hello, fidelizer sounds great on my computer. Definitely takes the digital glare off and adds dimension to the wav files. Job well done, would like to stay in the loop for future versions, thankyou, regards, stacy.

    Stacy Bragg

    Thank you!. My first impression while listening is of greater fluidity of the music. I’m using in my office system a Vaio PC/JRiver21. I’ll come back for further advice from you

    Kind regards,

    Vlad Adrian Manu


    Initial results are very positive. The level of detail from recordings is noticeably improved but more importantly to me is the more relaxed presentation. Still plenty of attack but less fatiguing than before. I listen to my music on Denon D7000 headphones which are extensively modified with Lawton upgrades through a Burson USB dac/headphone amp. This system can be a bit bright in the top end at times but are better with Fidelizer in operation. My wife has been using my system as well as her dac is broke at present. She was also very impressed & was pleasantly surprised, so much so she played her Jeff Buckley album three times in succession before finally allowing me to get back on my system yesterday. I will be recommending friends consider using Fidelizer on their systems, it does represent a very cost effective way of improving computer based music.

    Kind regards



    Just a quick message to let you know I have now run in extremist mode & was seriously impressed. Having read somewhere that there was only a small difference from the Audiophile setting I must disagree. My set up showed improved musicality & a smoother top end. My inspiration to improve & tweak my set up comes from a desire to replicate the feeling of seeing a live band, & to get as close to that feeling from my equipment. Fidelizer has taken me a lot closer to this & especially on live recordings where the sense of environment within the recording is now superb.

    Kind regards

    Iain Harding

    I have Fidelizer Plus on my Win 10 laptop connected to my DAC by USB and play from Roon also on my laptop.  My music files are on a NAS on my LAN which Roon recognizes. I control using the Roon app on my iPad.  It works very well and sounds wonderful especially with Fidelizer.

    Roger Norden

    Hi There Keetakawee,

    Well I installed your software and it really improves the sound! The magnitude of the improvement was surprising and welcome.  You’ve done a great job with your software.



    Just purchased your pro as I dud like your free software. It did seem like it added a lot more soundstage and high end detail but tended to make the midrange vocals a bit grainy or harsh especially on extreme. I found audiophile setting to be the most pleasing. Trying to find the right balance for my system so I thought getting the pro would extend that capability and I felt that you deserve the $$ for the value you have provided to the audiophile community. I do like it very much but find myself using the workstation setting as it seems more liquid in the midrange and yet still improves the soundstage and somewhat high end. Not sure if there are any suggestions you may have but you asked to reply with feedback and wanted to do that and thank you for your passion for high fidelity and sharing it with us!

    Jim coyle

    Jim Coyle

    It works really well and I’m happy with it. Keep up the good work.


    Glen Walcott

    Fidelizer PRO makes it sound more real and clear. The bass better now, it’s more powerful and accurate. But most importantly the overall sound is a little less “digital” which enhances my musical experience.

    Best regards,

    Rick Ursberg

    Dear Keetakawee,

    I’ve sucessfully installed your fidelizer pro and have been using them for quite a while. All i can say is that your product made the most significant improvement aside upgrading main hardware such like amplifier, dac, or speakers/headphones. As of now i don’t feel or incline to use CD transport as much as the sound being played by my laptop sounds much more acceptable, but has clear edge as it provides me with more convenience.

    Jirapat Siridhasanakul

    Thanks for the tips I think you are doing a great job, good luck. Very pleased with my upgrade to PRO. I try to convince as many people to try your free product all have really enjoyed the improvement, I shall keep promoting this on my FB Group High Fidelity Stereo, you are welcome to join and post any information on there about 1150 members but just into stereo and trying to get the best sound from whatever systems they have. I am always promoting digital files this is the future.

    Paul MacMichael

    We are flying higher than Baumgartner. In rare thin air of digital computer playback. Using Lampizator Komputer machine with Audiophile optimizer, fidelizer, 2012 core mode and the Bughead Emperor soft. This is as far as I dare to push digital playback to the limit. Pedal to the metal. Wooooowww…

    Lukasz Fikus Lampizator (Audiophile Optimizer)

    I don’t know how you can make this…. but you are a genius!! Great sound….!!

    Bye bye,

    Celli Matteo

    Thanks Windows X,

    Yes fidelizer Pro is doing what I want and I’m able to just sit back and enjoy the music.

    Before I upgraded my PC from w8 to w10 I had manually disabled many services myself to optimise for audio but this was always a bit of a lottery, and I’d rather trust the judgement of someone like yourself who has done lots of testing and research in this area!

    Cheers, Stuart

    Stuart Hubbard

    The Pro version works just great, big improvement on sound quality, and I am very very pleased 🙂
    So glad I finaly got it, and it works so good..

    Tried the network render setting so far,but will try MD with network support too.

    Ove Bang Pedersen (JPLAY)

    Thank you!

    The sound quality is very good indeed in 6.9, and has been so even from version 6.5. That’s why I find it unnecessary most of the time to install new versions.

    Fidelizer has taken the clean and accurate but a bit clinical sound of my Windows 2012/AO 1.30 and has made it more sweet and musical.

    Best Regards,

    Aristeidis Mastrokostas (Audiophile Optimizer)


    In reference to my previous e mail all is working great with jplay. A definate improvement in sound quality. Thanks.

    J.P. (JPLAY)

    Dear Khun Keetakawee,
    I am just listening to my fully Fidelized 2PC setup and the sound really took a leap forward. It sounds incredibly detailed and clear, specially brass instruments. What a great piece of software.
    I can hardly wait installing it on my three other PCs.
    Many thanks for this

    Ernst U Tschoepke (JPLAY)

    I do appreciate your efforts to improve Fidelizer and send out the upgrades. Just yesterday I installed the Melodious MX-U8 on my streaming PC (and of course Fidelizer 6.9). I am really enjoying the music with each improvement.


    Gil Patmore

    Windows X

    ITS sounds better then before I really don’t know what you guys doing this.


    Hi Keetakawee,

    Thanks for the latest update and for Fidelizer in general, as it has made some amazing improvements in the sound quality I get from computer audio! 🙂


    Dennis Stempher


    works flawlessly (with the custom mode)and as promised, less digital glare. This is the best sound on my system ever. J

    For your information:
    I’m using a laptop (with a non switching PSU) with 8GB RAM, Windows 10 (build 10240), XXHighEnd Player 2.02 with a “kernel streaming” driver to a Phasure NOS1a DAC.


    kind regards


    Joachim Wegner

    Hi, thank you for program. Works very good. Much better then Fidelizer free version.

    I used CAD pro optimization script, now I use fidelizer. Fidelizer pro better then cad pro..


    notebook Acer Aspire E15, passive cooling, ssd, works on battery.
    OS: windows 8.1 x64
    Soft player: aplayer, wasapi exlusive mode, direct mode. plays .wav from RAM memory. All buffer set to minimal.
    Hardware: Berkeley Alpha USB -> NAIM DAC

    Ilja Nikitin

    Thanks Keetakawee, with my single-PC setup, after some tweaking of the settings (AO 1.40, Fidelity Blade SQ 5.21 and JPLay 6.2), it works with Fidelizer Extremist mode and the first impression is impressive, even overwhelming…

    Dennis Duchhart (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hi Windows X

    I have now had a chance to listen properly with Fidelizer in Extremist optimisation mode + “music server with network support” and to try various different settings in both Jriver 20 MC and Jplay 6.2 with it. This is going from a single Windows 7 laptop via Oyaide Continental 5S silver USB cable to OPPO USB audio 2.0 DAC, controlled by Jriver’s Gizmo app on my android phone.

    Firstly I tried various settings in Jriver. I tried Oppo Asio driver, volume set to OPPO and DSD bitstream in DoP format enabled. For Output Encoding I set it to 4xDSD in native format. Jplay was set to Oppo Usb 2.0 Asio driver (engine Xtream, Throttle on and Hibernate mode on).

    Secondly I tried in Jriver, Oppo USB 2.0 Dac with Kernel streaming, for bitdepth I used 32-bit integer, buffering 0,50 seconds, volume OPPO BDP-105 USB audio 2.0 DAC, Output Encoding 2xDSD in DoP format. In Jplay, KS OPPO USB AUDIO 2.0 DAC, Engine Xtream, Throttle ON, Hibernate mode ON.

    My preference in Jplay has always been Xtream with KS, but in the Asio settings there was a certain delicacy in the treble, which I hadn’t heard in KS. However overall it lost a lot of information that was in the KS settings. In the KS settings, the midrange and bass were far better and the treble was fine though less delicate. In KS the soundstage and depth were much greater. So I am using at the moment the KS settings.

    Overall I would say that the Fidelizer Extremist settings have made the single biggest improvement in my computer sound. I think Jplay makes a significant difference as well. Jriver works well as a library and their Gizmo app makes control easy.

    Perhaps you could let me know what you think of this? Any suggestions most welcome. At some stage I will definitely go the twin computer route, whether Windows 8, 10 or 2012 server.

    Congratulations on a brilliant programme.

    Best Robert

    Robert Churchill (JPLAY)

    Dear Windows X,

    Thank for Fidelizer Pro. I have installed it and I am enjoying Roon with more clarity and detail.

    Many thanks

    Hossein Faridzadeh

    first i will thank you .for the great help on mail..

    i have just now let the fidelizer start jriver,,,and let the maschin be a mediacenter—-and now i works with my music dvd

    is it the setup as a mediacenter or is it jriver be started from fidelizer,,there make the difference ??

    already know i will tell that i can not live without the fidelizer…

    best regard Bjarne

    Bjarne Hansen

    Many thanks Windows X for the tips.

    I have listened to many ‘so called’ audio upgrades over 25 years, including sometime spent myself in the high end audio business, and I cannot recall one as impressive as yours! I had a Japanese partner, who abandoned making turntables costing 40k US dollars in favour of adapting digital circuitry in relatively inexpensive CD transports and DACs 25 years ago as he knew this was the way to go. What you and others, like the guys at Jplay, are doing is taking audio reproduction to a new level of realism. We could not have imagined this even a few years ago. It is really a remarkable achievement!!

    Robert Spencer Churchill (JPLAY)

    Hi Mr. Punpeng,

    just a few minutes before I heard the first tones with the Fidelizer 6.8 Pro in Extremist/Single Audio PC.
    I have awaited a good improofment…..but my awaitings have been topped!!!

    Thanks for this wonderful program. The next days, maybe next Wednesday,
    after longer listening I will report more.

    Now to my eqhipment: Source ” Delamar Audio Computer-Workstation 2012 ” ( selfassembled by Delamar advising, Windows Performence 7,8 !! )
    wired by USB 3.0 to M2-Tech EVO USB to SPDIF Konverter with M2.Tech EVO externe Master)Wordclock and then sym. Digitalcable Sun Audio Cable into Lyngdorf DPA1 Digital Preamplifier with Roomperfekt Roomcorrektion. Then via Analog/sym. to the Ice-Power Amplifier direktly behind the Loudspeakers in 2.2 arrangement ( 1000W RMS for the Woofer and 500w RMS to the Satellite. The woofers are also the stand for the Satellite Lyngdorf C1. The woofers are selfbuild by the friendly allownes from Axel Ridtahler / Patentholder for RiPol ) and conzaines each side four 32cm Carbondrivers in a Case 80cm High, 40 cm Bride, and 40cm deep. Connected in shortest way by Triple-OCOS cable by Speakon 50Ampere connectors, Freqency range ( measured ) 22HZ op to 22kHz.

    Well, my special thanks for thi equipment is for Peter ( CEO Steinway/ Lyngdorf ), Axel Ridtahler ( Patentholder RiPol ) and Holger ( Audio Endt )
    and last not least Norbert aus Berlin for the excellent DC power-supply for the M2-Tech units.

    Last not least Axels speach:” Musik is Art- Audio is Engineering”

    Well, thanks and my expirience with Fidelizer in a few days.

    Helmuth ( Physik-Engeneer )

    Helmuth Bauer

    Dear Keetakawee Punpeng,

    Thanks for the full copy of Fidelizer Pro 6.8, the program works perfectly on my machine. This Fidelizer Pro, just as you said, it improves imaging and clarity of the sound also reduce glare in digital audio. I combined JPlay + Fidelizer Pro, and my whole PC (actually it’s a laptop) audiophile system just got better and better..

    Great Works, keep it up.

    Laurentius Keevin DK.

    Laurentius Keevin Djoyo Kusumo (JPLAY)

    hello again, I just wanted to say your pro version is awsome!! I just about gave up on computer audio(trying for 2yrs to get it right) music from my system has just come to life compared to before.As I enjoy album  after album!


    Thanks Keetakawee. I installed it a few days ago on my JPLAY Control PC, and the background got blacker, the soundstage became deeper, and everything became more focused. Overall a significant improvement, I think.

    So, I recently ordered another copy for my Audio PC, and I look forward to installing it!

    Many thanks for a great product!


    O.D. (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    WoW! I am floored by the Pro version! Digging in to the settings now. How can I thank you? Ferrari? Lamborghini? Maserati??

    Neil Small

    Hi! Well, it works perfectly well. Instantly more transparent sound, clearer vocals. Good stuff) Keep it up!

    Korbukov Nikita

    hi Windows X
    it’s all right here
    Fidelizer pro runs in my notebook and the music sounds almost perfectly
    Thank you

    Greetings fron Buenos Aires

    Eduardo Joaquim

    So happy with Fidelizer Pro now!!! Sound is just amazing! Compared to friend’s notebook with Fidelizer free version and my notebook won!!! 🙂 A time ago with both Fidelizer free on our notebooks – they were almost the same sounding!!! Thank you very much for a great software!!! I’ll post info on our audiophile forum so people know and buy Pro version!!! 🙂

    Nikita Kalagin

    hi frd !
    same causes, same effect… black background better lisibility especially in the highs, deeper image.
    i rediscover the full potential of my rig…
    thk so much for this huge job !


    Eric Therond

    I upgraded to the latest version of Fidelizer Pro last night. I noticed a definite improvement over the previous version. I read that the latest version fixes an issue where some core optimizations were not able to be applied. There is a definite improvement on my system. Sound staging has improved, and vocals sound much clearer and more like they are floating in mid air versus coming from the speakers. I’m able to listen at higher volume with my headphones without ear fatigue thanks to improved fidelity.

    If you are running Windows, and you haven’t tried Fidelizer yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It’s really a fantastic utility that makes a really fantastic improvement in fidelity. It’s worth every penny to buy Fidelizer Pro. Windows X is a great guy and he makes good stuff. I would recommend fidelizer to anybody running Windows who enjoys audio. I’ve gotten a few people to install it and they are all happy.

    Encarni Escobar

    Dear Windows X,

    Thanks for the update 6.8. Installed and running. UAC disabled. Very good sound, low-level detailing is clear and soundstage is wide and deep.

    I listen to TIDAL via Chrome browser. Sound is output to ASIO BRIDGE ==> to JPLAY ASIO driver. Per Scenario 4A of User Guide, “Music Player Application” should be “Chrome”. I get best sound by leaving “Music Player Application” blank. Overall sound is more fluid, highs are better.

    Best wishes,
    Vasant Kaiwar.

    Vasant Kaiwar (JPLAY)

    Hi, I have an old, entry entry audio setup, but (with Fidelizer) improvement is tangible.

    Thanks for Your work.
    Bianchi Giovanni

    Giovanni Bianchi


    Now it works 🙂

    Thanks for your excellent support and help.

    Fidelizer makes the sound more clear. It was well worth a little trouble.

    Best regards

    Jonas Ekroth

    Hi Windows X,

    I got everything working smoothly with my Windows Vista/Tidal desktop app/Asio Bridge/Jplay6 setup and are extremely happy with my Fidelizer Pro purchase! 🙂 The sound have become even more detailed with improved 3D sound stage and more detailed bass presentation. Your software clearly brings my computer audio to top level performance. I am truly looking forward to the coming update and hear what kind magic you have performed! 🙂

    Kind regards,
    Micael Corn

    Micael Corn (JPLAY)

    I would like to give a little feedback. It works!

    The sound becomes more dynamic, you can better hear small details and all in all it is a more musically involving experience.

    The effect is less pronounced with Workstation optimization more with Extremist optimization.

    Jesper Asgaard

    Hi Windows X,

    Installation went flawlessly. I’m using a dedicated Windows 2012 Server R2 installation in Core Mode with AO 1.31 running JRiver 20 as a Mediaserver. This feeds the PS Audio Perfectwave DS with the Network Bridge. So I used the DLNA / Control PC Configuration in Fidelizer. The integration with Win 2012 and AO is perfect everything starts with a push of a button within 20-30 seconds.

    The free version of Fidelizer already provided a nice improvement in focus and clarity. The Pro Version further improved the soundstage and the sound became fuller with more body.
    What I have learned when I started with audio streaming is that computer audio is much more than delivering bit perfect information to a renderer (DAC). Streamer / Player Hard and Software is extremely important.

    Overall a very nice improvement for a reasonable price. Looking forward to further improvements ;-)) .

    Best regards

    Kurt Kuepper (Audiophile Optimizer)

    2 thumbs up for this great sw,worth of money spent.

    Chaiyuth Khanai

    Hello Keetakawee, I understand, you are passionately committed!

    I imagined I was doing or understanding something wrong.

    First impressions of the Fidelizer optimizations are great! So much that I became suspicious! I witnessed big changes when installing JPlay a while back. I thought I reached the audio limit at that point! Fidelizer seems to have lowered the noise “around the music” so to speak, in addition to maybe correcting the speed of the clock. All I know is the music is waayyy more defined with truer voice reproduction! We all love it when our “best audio” becomes better don’t we!!, that’s the Audiophile’s quest and addiction. Thank you for the product!!

    Kevin J. (JPLAY)

    I must say I am impressed with the improvement over the Free version. A lot more details I can hear, and the bass seem tighter and better. I am sure I will discover more surprises as I use it more. Thanks for the wonderful product. It’s definitely worth the money getting the Pro.

    Whiskey Yong

    Thanks, works perfectly!

    Bruno Scarpini

    Bruno Scarpini

    My first brief listening impressions are that Fidelizer Pro has smoothed out the digital “edge” and enhanced the detail and sound stage width on the few tracks I had time to listen to. The difference is not huge (to my ears, with my system, in my room), but it is noticeable, and it has definitely increased my listening pleasure. Interestingly, with Fidelizer Pro in the mix, I now find the differences between JPLAY mini, JPLAY Streamer and BHE are much more subtle.


    Bernie Kunz (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Bravo, Windows X! After installing FP on the second PC (control PC), I had a listen. It sounds as if my DAC had been upgraded to a much more expensive one. Now the setup is very much to my liking: sibilance (high noise) is mostly gone to the extent that I can freely turn up the gain knob without hurting my ears. Images are bigger, taller, deeper, and more palpable. Sweet and dynamic, very happy!

    Contributing components and “ingredients”: Windows 8.1/Fidelizer Pro/Jplay/BHE/generic NIC/generic 16gb ram laptop as control PC.
    Windows Server 2012 r2 core/AO/Jplay/Fidelizer Pro/generic USB to gigabit Ethernet adapter/generic 16gb ram laptop as audio PC.

    Additional tweaks: battery or linear PSU powered Cisco switch (thanks hillbear), minimized tx & rx buffer settings (thanks Peter C, Fran, MJ), optimized BHE settings (thanks Minorisuke & Fran).

    There are rooms for improvements: laptops to be replaced by fanless PC, audio grade NIC & USB cards, SSD, PPA or JCAT cables, just to name a few. But for now, the current setup really works wonders for me. Couldn’t be more grateful to the genius developers of Jplay, AO, FP, and BHE.

    Bui Duy Thuan (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Fidelizer Pro sounds incredible on Windows Server 2016 with AO! More of everything: silence, vibrant sounds and very nice sounds of instruments. Great. Thank you!

    Adrian Schmitt



    All the people interested in highend digital reproduction must pay serious attention to your very cost/effective Fidelizer Pro! Sometimes we make some cables or others upgrades that don’t come not even close to the benefits we get if your ingenious Fidelizer Pro! We can’t forget that the for a good sound all begin with a good source: in our case the pc!

    Adrian Schmitt (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hi Keetakawee

    I have Fidelizer pro installed on both pcs and it sounds amazing….really, really, great. 🙂

    Fran White (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hellow! It is work very well with Jplay. Sound is very good. Thanks.

    SungRae Cho

    Sungrae Cho (JPLAY)


    I installed 6.7 and patched it. Oh my God!!! What an improvement!!! Played back Ramsey Lewis “Portuguese Love” that I listened to yesterday several times, I was blown away with the improved imaging, air around the performers, the individual voices are more distinct now.

    Thanks for moving my listening pleasure to a new high!!


    Leon Motta (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Good morning Keetakawee

    I cannot thank you enough for making this software, I downloaded your software to my computer this morning and started listening to my some of my reference recordings. I honestly sit here with a tear dripping down my cheek listening to What a wonderful world by Stacey Kent it is so incredible and has changed the way I listen to music.

    I am not a rich person but have saved many years to be able to buy excellent audio equipment to get the last drop of audio perfection out of my system. From your $65.00 download it is like buying a twelve thousand dollar dac that I recently bought and to be honest I got more out of the download than the dac. I read about people questioning if they should spend the extra money to buy the download or just use the freeware. Again I will be honest here, the freeware was nice but it had it’s good points and not so good points as far as audio quality goes. The download on the other hand is plain draw dropping it is that good.

    You are more than welcome to print this email on your website if you like. Anyone whom is this talented to be able to give such a gift to the world from a download has not only my highest recommendation but also my sincere gratitude as well.

    Thank you
    Mark von Dohren

    Mark von Dohren

    Many thanks for the prompt response.

    Fidelizer makes a very obvious improvement and I am so pleased with it that I will shortly be purchasing another licence for the second computer in our household.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards

    Jonathan Bushell

    Hi WIndows X,

    Installed fidelizer pro and I love it.

    Im using an intel pentium dual core PC E2200 small media center PC with spotify premium as the media library.
    I am playing it using fidelify.
    On that im using JPLAY6 (Alt version), for the asio driver im using the classic engine with kernel streaming on a windows 8.1 OS.
    From USB I go to SPDIF using an m2tech Hiface EVO with a custom for audio build external power supply (on spikes haha).
    My receiver is a Denon AVC-1SR and the speakers that I use are Amphion Creon ( laways use pure direct mode). Both 2.0 and 5.1 are sounding better then ever according to my ears.

    What I fancy about fidelizer pro in my setup is the way you managed to get my vocals set just right (removing the harsness) without spacing (widening it to much). As im a singer in a band and im also the band mixing guy (using Cubase and a RME UFX soundcard (which is also almost perfect by itself)) I always found getting the vocals just right the most hardest thing to do in a mix. However for playback in my setup you nailed it!

    Many thanks for that and keepup the good work!

    Glenn Adema

    Glenn Adema (JPLAY)

    After using Fidelizer Pro,the sound is more living,more expression and more dynamic.


    Thank you, great job for my “Control PC”
    I noticed a big difference in outcome between the free version and the Pro, I love …
    so I’ll spend a second order for my other computer “Audio PC” !!!

    Gilles S.

    Gilles Siembida (JPLAY)

    Well got everything up and running on both OS and they sound great! I see now JRiver launches after the optimization. When I am using JStreamer with MinimServer how would I apply the fidelizer? I will tell you on my system the ladder sounds better then JRiver with JRemote!

    Thanks a bunch

    Tom Pinckard

    Tom Pinckard (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)


    Today, I reinstall the windows server 2012 and set SATA in AHCI. Bingo. The esata storage can start every reboot. Now I disable all the services in AO except WMI and I choose Extremist in Fidelizer Pro and JPlay in single pc mode. Now the sound is way better than yesterday I heard from partially optimized system. Thanks for your suggestion.

    I’ll go the thread and see what they’re debating on.

    Yes, of course. I’ll say something about my setup now with AO, fidelizer pro and HQPlayer on the forum, maybe computeraudiophile, too.


    Sien Li (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Your software is fantastic! I had been having trouble [I thought] with my Yulong DA8 DAC: on certain tracks and especially on Sarah MacLachlan’s “Angel”; there was a terrible distortion on vocal peaks. I discovered through research that this might be caused by Windows resource allocation, which my installation of Fidelizer Pro has decisively proven. Not only has this distortion been completely eradicated, but the digital side of my system sounds far better than it ever had before

    Norm Armstrong

    Norman Armstrong

    Hi Win X:

    A nice, very easily heard improvement. I would best describe it as a much more relaxed presentation, a layer of glare removed.


    Bob Holzer

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Have been testing Fidelizer pro now for two days and I can only say that I am impressed. I am mainly listening through a highly revealing headphone (audeze lcd) system, which was already sounding pretty good, but your software gave a very worthwile improvement. Tonal colors are more natural, the last bit of harshness has dissapeared and it is now very easy to become completely immersed in the musical event. Just beautiful and often breathtaking

    Thank you!

    My system:
    Zodiac gold dac with voltikus ps
    audeze lcd-2 headphones
    cardas golden cross ic
    nbs and lessloss power cords
    violectric V200 headamp
    jplay 6



    Hi Keerakawee,
    Just want to tell you that I am more and more impressed by the results of Fidelizer pro…music sounds so much more like the real thing. It is like going from an average turntable to a real good one. You don’t have to have golden ears to notice the improvements and there are no trade-offs at all. I am very impressed!
    regards, Robert

    Robert van Velzen (JPLAY)

    Thank you very much! Now my CyberLink Power 14 -player plays like never before.


    Slawomir Maliszewski

    Indeed working well and I pleasantly surprised at how much noise has gone away from the music…

    Well done Sir.

    Thank you

    Lentini Davide

    It works really well. Bravo!


    Paolo Patara

    Dear Mr. Punpeng,

    I just had to write and tell you how thrilled I am with your new Fidelizer Pro.

    Not only does it provide some of the best sound I’ve ever gotten out of my system, but it does it in such a trouble free manner.

    I’ve used many types of software to improve the sound of my setup, but too often they are like a fine race car; they’re temperamental and require a lot of care and maintenance to do what they do.

    Your Fidelizer Pro just does what it’s supposed to do quietly and effectively, and it does it so WELL! Not only that, but I can use it to improve all my sound sources and not just my CD collection.

    I’ve used your free version for several years and as good as it was, this is a huge step up in sound quality.

    I’m a musician and could try to go into great detail about sound stage, imaging etc., but the fact is if I can’t just relax and enjoy the music then what’s the point?

    Thanks to you and the good folks at JPLAY, I’m enjoying my music like never before.

    A brilliant effort. Thank you for making it available. I look forward to your future developments and wish you all success.

    Wes Bush

    Wesley Bush (JPLAY)

    Thank you very much, it works really well and it seems to consume less resources than the normal version.
    Not having to start it up each time is the main reason why I bought it, was not actually expecting better sound 🙂

    But somehow the sound is also a bit better, fascinating (this with Windows 2012 R2 Core, CPU and RAM @ 800 Hz).

    Dan Corlateanu (JPLAY)

    Hi Windows X,

    Thanks for the build, it has made a great improvement, especially picture and sound as I run video and audio through JRiver.

    Corey Nixon

    I downloaded and installed Fidelizer Pro.  Since I use a PS Audio Perfect Wave II, I set it up in Network Transport mode.  The sound improvement is greater than that of standard Fidelizer, a broad and high soundstage when I have set the absolute phase switch correctly.

    Julius Moshinsky

    Hi mr. Windows X,

    I installed your software on my dedicated audio player. The system was already tuned by the Highend Audio Pc app from Audiophil together with Jplay 6 beta running on windows server 2012. Even on this fully tweaked system there was a remarkable improvement of the placements of voices and instruments after running Fidelizer, so the two programs probably perform different tweaks

    Mike Agsteribbe (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Hi Keetakawee

    Well it is early days listening, but all I can say the Pro version, is just WOW! And by a considerable margin over the other versions, by some margin I might add… The pro version is worth every penny….

    Immediate observations include, improved soundstage, better dynamics, textural tone and rhythmic interplay is a considerable improvement. Sublime bass extension. Vocals appear from a silent darker background with amazing depth. Believe me the system already sounded pretty damn good before the software tweaking. Fidelizer Pro turns my Mac Mini, running bootcamp and windows 7 64 bit, into a musical time machine…..takes the music where ever you want it to go.

    The above is said in context, that the system was already revealing, room matched and well-balanced….excellent system upgrade, thank you!

    2012 Mac mini, SSD, 8Gb Ram, Win 7 64 bit (bootcamp)
    USB (Total Dac D1) out to Zodiac Platinum Dac 8x up sampling
    Zodiac XLR analogue out to Trinnov Amethyst DRC
    2.2 Setup feeding Linn Klimax 320A speakers and JL Audio Fathom F112 subwoofers

    Alan Evans

    Alan Evans

    After the trial, the better it sounds Deezer is essentially similar to rip the CD, then listen with jriver + Fidelizer yet. (But do not always listen to music with hi-res File I) autonomous Fidelizer Pro worth it. Works like to change my wiring, cable yet some nice lines.

    Surawit Jaruwanchai

    I’m enjoying the software very much. Previously I had used Free Fidelizer in addition to running my PC with Win8 in safe mode and doing much of the service closures myself. I tried this same path with Fidelizer Pro but found that starting windows in normal mode and letting Fidelizer Pro do all of the adjusting by itself actually sounded better. I went back and forth several times to come to this conclusion, although I heard it right away the first time I listened.

    I am listening through a PS Audio DS DAC and getting wonderful sound.

    Will Glenn

    William Glenn

    Here are some comments after using Fidelizer Pro this week.

    Am using an Acer i3 laptop – 8 gig ram – win 8.1 with an IFi Power USB. I found that after a clean install the Fidelizer Freeware program sounded even better. Now with Fidelizer Pro the sound quality has improved again immeasurably. With latency down to 4 on an i3 this is more than I could have dreamed for.

    Korg Audiogate 3 Requires network support with Win 8.1 but not with Win 7? The soundstage appears big and highly detailed and although very impressive through the Korg DAC – it is tiring after a while. Being able to use DSD files created from my Korg MR2 recorder does give an edge when comparing commercial DSD file downloads to my files and the Fidelizer Pro provides even better SQ. Foobar 2000 Files now have a natural soundstage with a high resolution noise free background which allows the music to flow freely.

    From what I have heard from Pro with this program it could become my de facto standard in the future. Jplay Still unable to play DSF files without stuttering. So after a few days experimenting with Pro I am delighted with the results. I congratulate you on creating a program which brings me the closest I have ever been to the music I love.

    Kind regards,

    David Lloyd (JPLAY)

    Improvement on the audio pc is great, i have done a great jump forward. Thanks a lot ! When my new control pc will be ended, will sent you a new order. Good job!


    Frédéric Cugnet (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)


    Thanks for your fast service. Fidelizer Pro is working faultlessly and definitely a worth it upgrade to Fidelizer. Works great with JRiver 20 and allow to fully exploit the real potential of my HTPC.

    On the audio side has upgraded the mid range to an absolute transparency, bass is tighter and fast as treble is extended and silkier. Everything is where it should.

    Best regards,

    Carlos Espadinha

    I am enjoying listening with Fidelizer Pro operating.  I don’t find I can definitely identify specific improvements but feel over all the sound is clearer and allows bigger stage with more precise instrument location.  Perhaps the bass is a bit tighter but the difficulty/delay of going back and forth with and without fidelizer running on my server limits precise comparison.



    I had already installed AO1.31b9, JPlay 6, and the latest Minimserver and streamer on my W2012r2 server.  It sounded quite good.  But then installing this latest Fidelizer pro brought it up a whole level in clarity, imaging and depth.  Beautiful!

    Richard Gerber (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    The enhancement of depth and the resolution of the complex layering of large-scale orchestral music came off stunning with Fidelizer.

    Paul Candy, 6moons (JPLAY)

    It`s early morning here in Norway and I had a long night listening to a lot of my favorite artists. Jan Garbareck – Cassandra Wilson – Miles Davis – Bill Evans – Dire Straits – Shawn Colvin – Rachelle Ferrell and many more – they were all here in my living room and gave me a wonderful experience! Do I need to say more?

    And all because of your Fidelizer PRO so thank`s to you Mr Keetakawee Punpeng for giving me this experience!

    Kurt Vallenes

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Well… you nailed it! 🙂


    As the Fidelizer free/pro – A/B test is very difficult to accomplish (just with two exactly equal computers), what I did was:


    • Listen a FLAC file with Fidelizer 6.5 free
    • Listen the same track on the CD player

    The difference between the two was obvious yet subtle (not night and day): the CD was more detailed, more accurate on the time domain, with better attack, and with a wider stage



    Reboot netbook, and install Fidelizer Pro: Extremist and Network Render, and repeated the previous test. Well, the difference between the FLAC – CD, is now more subtle then ever! The precision in the time domain improved, the clarity also, the stage is similar to CD. Despite I believe the CD still have a little more attack and transparency (very subtle), my computer audio source never sounded like this before!


    I know that my configuration (Network render) isn’t the best for top audio performance, and I believe that if we choose “Media Server” something is improved. But this setup is the best for my needs…


    In overall, what you did is amazing! Definitely your work must be rewarded.


    Carlos A.

    Carlos Aniceto

    Thanks for getting the program to me so quickly. I have had a few hours with it this this evening & WOW!! what a difference compared to the free version. I’m so glad I upgraded & I will probably go Pro next month when I have the money. Is it correct that I could do that for an extra $30? The bass is deep & tight now & the soundstage is wide & precise. The shear amount of small details i’d never heard before was amazing even though I have a decent system. Thank you for you hard work in creating this program & improving my listening experience by such a large margin 🙂


    After upgrading to Fidelizer Pro

    “Much more subtle changes this time but very nice one’s. The soundstage is fantastic, wide & 3D. Also, vocals are brilliant. Lyrics I could never make out are now clear to me without straining to grasp them. It’s taken the last bit of harshness from the treble & as a result female voices are smooth especially sopranos. I just want to keep playing my music now!! 🙂


    Michael Ashton (JPLAY)

    Excellent upgrade on your freebie! on mini 8 VHD of AOed Win2Go Server 2012 R2 Essentials OS bootloaded into RAM, player Lekt.exe out through RME HDSPe card. More detail, dynamics, everything – far exceeded my expectations of what is possible from red book.

    Stephen Dengel (Audiophile Optimizer)

    I am very happy to get the Pro version without any regret, and 100% money worth. Thumb up. There is improvement with subsonic low and high frequency with much purity sound.

    Alfred Chen (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    Focus and definition improved with an added bonus; a slight midrange hardness I have heard in JRiver was now gone.

    Steven Plaskin, AudioStream (JPLAY)

    I think it is the best sound I ever heard with my Audio setting. Very clear background and close to perfect image (I assume there is no perfect with Audio since every new technique comes). Especially, when I listen big scale symphony like Mahler Symphony No.2, I can hear different stage of music. Better dynamics and better image. Thank you for great software.

    Seung-Hyun Yoon, PC Audio Club (JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizer)

    thank you very much for your quick response. I have just installed the Fidelizer Pro and it works just as expected. I am really impressed, how much difference the Fidelizer makes to digital audio. I always disliked the “digital sound” with its glare, graininess and simply sterile artificial sound. I even changed my music selection according to avoid the bad effects as much as possible. No more great female singers and so, because digital it just made it impossible to hear. But NOW THE MUSIC HAS RETURNED and I can listen to what I want and not what digital can reproduce without causing just pain in my ear.

    I was using a pretty expensive vinyl record based LINN hifi system (with Linn LP12 record player), before having switched to digital and always missed something. Well, it’s here again, sounding like a very very good analogue recording to my ears – thank to Fidelizer Pro!

    Peter Böhm

    Thanks for the 6.1 update to Fidelizer Pro. I tried this tonight and I am very impressed with the additional texture and detail this now brings to instruments. I have a JPLAY control/audio pc set-up and I have posted my impressions on the JPLAY forum (I am rocketiii).

    Many thanks for your work,

    Paul Fuller (JPLAY)

    After several hours of using Pro, I’m very pleased with the purchase and am happy funding your endeavor.

    I’m using an Apple Mac mini running Bootcamp, Windows 8 and JRiver Media Center in a headless configuration using JRemote.

    Mike Bieda

    thanks so much for generating the program so quickly this (my) morning. I downloaded in the meanwhile and did a bit of listening – so far: absolutely great! Even more transparency/veil off/details compared to the trial version and it feels like having a more precise low end. I never got close with my high-end CD player to what a properly setup and fidelized PC via DAC is capable of doing.  Late night listening will follow, the first glimpse is great!

    Michael Sauter

    I have used Fidelizer before (F4 & 5) with good results, see copy of a post from JPLAY below. After more listening today F6 is clearly a further improvement. F5 Extremist did not really work for my system, but with F6 the Extremist option provides a further significant improvement in SQ.

    Kjell Nedrebo (JPLAY)

    Great product! Really makes more different to the sound with my setup than ‘replacing all the cables’ Very pleased!

    Juan Diego Puerta Marin

    I managed to get the program installed before I left for work. It sounds really good…smooth and musical.

    John Kessel


    Small return on tapping.

    I am currently running with Jplay6 beta5, simple PC and fidelizer pro 6.5 under Windows 8.1, Intel I7, 4 double cores at 2.2 ghz. To me, your optimization software is a must, I did not get better, my pc runs with an impressive silence, no breath, no fan, nothing but great music, which is a tour de force with such a processor.

    I did a demo with audiophile friends, all agree, is excellent. One can even compare, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and AIFF … winner for me.

    Joseph and Marcin are also very, very good job. Too bad you can not get together to assemble a pc marketable audio configuration, I’m interested.

    I read all the post about you and confirm you are very good.


    Gérard MAÎTRE

    Gérard Maitre (JPLAY)

    I’ve installed Fidelizer pro 6.1 on my HTPC and everything is OK.
    Audio is very good, as I’m using JRMC 20 as VDM driver and DVDFab plyer for playing DVD or Bluray.
    This little media player has a very good video quality equal to JRMC with Red October HQ filter and it offers menu for Bluray.

    For the moment I’m using Audiophile level for Media Center (HTPC, Audio/Video/Network player), black are deeper with better definition and more “grain”.

    Dominique COMET

    Great job! I also had my brother & friend buy your product system never sounded better  fast service.  Dean from Canada! They are also very very happy with Fidelizer Pro worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dean Labossiere

    This seems to be working better, and it sounds better than ever. I think that if you don’t select the device you are using for sound as the default, it will be shut off. Only got to listen to it for an hour. Another step closer to analog with the best aspects of digital included. Lots of space and subtle details. You do know how to listen. Can’t wait to get my tricked out Geek Pulse DAC with 82 Femtosecond clock. Still need Fidelizer if the jitter is modulated by the computer.

    My reaction to listening to Fidelizer 6.1 Pro is being relaxed, closing my eyes and listening. I can’t remember being able to do that before. Job well done.

    Brad Connery (JPLAY)

    Hi, Just loaded it and have it running now. It sounds great. Seems very smooth and resolved. I am running in Audiophile mode/JPlay local.

    Bob Flood (JPLAY)


    After reading those wonderful stories, you can consider applying Fidelizer Upgrade Program here. If you’re using upgraded Fidelizer software and currently enjoying good music, please share your story with us.