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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

Fidelizer Upgrade Program

Thank you for using Fidelizer. You may upgrade Fidelizer for better sound quality by filling fidelizer.key data from target machine before ordering.


  • Fidelizer Plus
    Only US $39.95


    Fidelizer Plus


    Fidelizer Plus is improved version that comes with improved core optimizations over free version, more audio profile options and support Windows 10/Server 2016 better.

    You’ll receive the following improvements:

    1. All features from the free version are included
    2. No more opening Fidelizer website after optimizations
    3. Improve sound quality better with audio profiles
    4. Improve core optimizations for clarity and deeper image
    5. Improve product’s effectiveness with Windows 10/Server 2016

    Fidelizer Plus Upgrade options
    Add fidelizer.key data here:

  • Fidelizer Pro
    Only US $69.95


    Fidelizer Pro


    Fidelizer Pro is redesigned with permanent optimizations that comes with more audio profiles, disabling services, apply system configuration tweaks and run on startup.

    You’ll receive the following improvements:

    1. All features from Plus version are included
    2. Support more audio solutions with Audio Profile
    3. Services will be disabled improving Purist effectiveness
    4. Major audio improvement with system configuration tweaks
    5. Work on headless machine better with startup services

    Fidelizer Pro Upgrade options
    Add fidelizer.key data here:


The delivery process isn’t automatic so it takes time to arrange the delivery. The product will be delivered to you soon within 24 hours.

If you don’t receive an order after 24 hours, please ask again in Facebook as mail might have block/spam problems.



What customers say about Fidelizer


To show our products and services’ quality, we’d like to share customers’ experience with Fidelizer Upgrade Program. There’s over hundreds of customers who shared their feedback with us so far.


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Hellow! It is work very well with Jplay. Sound is very good. Thanks.

SungRae Cho

Sungrae Cho (JPLAY)



Terms and agreement


1. Purchased product is a single PC license. You may transfer the license to another machine for free once.

2. You will receive a repository to download products and its minor updates for free.

3. Purchasing additional license of Fidelizer Plus/Pro will receive $5-10 off refund for returning customer.

4. You will free upgrade if there’s a major version launched after your purchase within 60 days.

5. Refund of a product will be available if the product fails to work after all support and troubleshooting.


If you have any questions regarding Fidelizer, feel free to contact the author directly. If you haven’t received any reply on email after 2 business days, message might be sent to spam/junk box. Please contact us through other means like Facebook / Twitter / Skype.