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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.


    Is there some kind of way to test it before buying it?

    While it is understandable that some customers prefer to evaluate test versions before purchasing, we decided to focus on improving product quality and services rather than limiting its features. We do not favor the idea of making trial versions with limited features as it would later become constraints in further improving the software.

    The developer put great effort into building good quality software for free. If you trust that the free version’s performance is something worth paying for, you won’t be disappointed in what Fidelizer Upgrade Program can offer you. Up until now, all customers who upgraded from free version are satisfied with Fidelizer’s performance after upgrading. You can read reviews and what other customers say about Fidelizer and make up your mind later.



    Why Single PC License?

    Some people want to use Fidelizer on more than one PC and asked me about the Single PC license. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Fidelizer supports all kinds of Windows platforms and machines running on all supported Windows editions.

    2. Fidelizer also runs on an already long installed OS with all kinds of software and should be working fine.

    3. If Fidelizer fails to work on one machine, a refund can be a simple solution.

    4. The single PC license makes the price relatively cheaper than for multiple PC licenses.

    5. Fidelizer needs to be flexible enough to support all kinds of needs without breaking things.

    So, limiting support to one PC at time helps both the customers and the developer to maintain healthy support.



    Will reinstalling Windows affect Fidelizer license?

    Fidelizer license is hardware dependent so existing licensed software will work fine on new Windows installation. It also works after upgrading to newer version like Windows 10 and on system having different versions of Windows installed too.



    I use JPLAY Dual PC setup so which PC should I upgrade Fidelizer?

    Upgrading both machines brings the best result since both can benefit no less than others, I’d recommend upgrading Audio PC as a device connected to DAC first and upgrade Control PC later if you’re satisfied with Audio PC’s improvements.



    I run Fidelizer software but nothing happens?

    It looks like a false positive report case with antivirus software affecting Fidelizer program. Please turn off antivirus software and run Fidelizer again. There’s also possibility of corrupted file so please always use safety remove before ejecting USB drive.



    Why does music have pops or clicks after using Fidelizer?

    This issue is the side effect from optimizing OS timer resolution for low latency audio optimizations. It could be some USB devices are stalling USB Audio performance or some specific USB Audio driver implementation is incompatible with 0.5ms OS timer resolution.

    You may change USB ports and see if pops and clicks are gone. If that doesn’t work, click ‘Advanced’ button in Fidelizer and uncheck “OS timer resolution for low latency audio optimizations” option, and click “Fidelize” to solve this problem.



    My foobar2000 has bit-perfect output. How can bit-perfect audio get anymore perfect?

    Originally, the concept of “bit-perfect” is about bypassing “OS mixer” to send data to audio device directly. Bit isn’t perfect before because OS mixer will resample all incoming audio data to the same frequency from different applications.

    All digital audio problems can’t be solved by simply bypassing OS mixer. Fidelizer puts great effort to reduce software implementation issues in digital audio and we recommend to use Fidelizer with bit-perfect audio applications.


    If you have any questions regarding Fidelizer, feel free to contact the author directly. We usually reply back within 24 hours. If you haven’t received any reply on email after 2 business days, your mail could probably have been sent to spam/junk box. Please contact us through other means like Facebook / Twitter / Skype.