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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

    User Guide – How to improve sound quality with Fidelizer

    This will help you setup your system for better sound quality with Fidelizer. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.



    System Requirements


    Although Fidelizer could work on all versions of Windows since Windows XP without minimum hardware requirements, some users might feel confused whether Fidelizer will work on their installed version of Windows. Fidelizer is supported on the following Windows versions:

    Windows XP*
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 10

    Fidelizer also works with the following versions of Windows Server:

    Windows Server 2003*
    Windows Server 2008
    Windows Server 2008 R2
    Windows Server 2012
    Windows Server 2012 R2
    Windows Server 2016

    * Some NT6 core optimization features aren’t available in these marked Windows versions. To get full optimization, consider upgrading Windows.


    For usage with AudiophileOptimizer, please enable the following options in AudiophileOptimizer (Recommended version 1.31 or higher)

    – Keep Windows Management Instrumentation service
    – Install Kernel-Streaming and MediaPlayer Support
    – Enable MMCSS in core mode (Multimedia Class Scheduler)
    – Set Fidelizer Pro as default shell replacement (Only after optimizations and you don’t see Fidelizer Pro running on startup)



    STEP 1: Setting up the audiophile environment


    Although Fidelizer can instantly enhance Windows sound quality with just one click, setting up audio software for better sound before using Fidelizer is recommended. To demonstrate how to improve sound quality on audio software, we’ll use foobar2000 as an example.


    1. Download and install foobar2000 with WASAPI component for bit-perfect playback support

    2. Open setup Preferences and set ReplayGain to “none” in Source mode and Processing as shown below.


    Fidelizer - Foobar Setup 1


    3. Setup output device with WASAPI (event), change output data format to highest supported bit-depth, and slide down Buffer length to 200ms. If you have working ASIO driver, you may install ASIO plugin and use ASIO output instead.


    Fidelizer - Foobar Setup 2


    4. Configure Advanced settings with the following options:

    Full file buffering up to (kB): Highest possible (I entered 1048576 for 1GB buffer)
    WASAPI Hardware buffer in MS – push/event mode: 24
    High worker process priority: checked
    Thread priority: 7
    Use MMCSS: checked
    MMCSS mode: Audio (Windows default mode where Fidelizer optimizes)


    Fidelizer - Foobar Setup 3


    With this, you should get better sound from foobar2000 and make Fidelizer optimizations become much more effective than before. Some people who failed to notice improvements with Fidelizer before may have a better chance after configuring audio software like this.


    For Tidal/YouTube users who rely on default Windows audio playback, you can setup bit-perfect sound software like VB-Audio ASIO Bridge with JPLAY/ASIO4ALL in combo for better audio performance. It also works well on iTunes and Windows Media Player.



    STEP 2: Choosing user level


    Fidelizer has 3 user levels. This will explain how each level affects your system.


    Consumer: This is a default user level. Fidelizer will enhance sound quality without affecting system performance. Your system won’t slow down and everything will work fine as usual. I also use it on my work machine generating Fidelizer for customers.

    Audiophile: This is a dedicated audio level. Fidelizer will sacrifice system performance for better sound quality. Your system will be slower and some applications may not work right. It doesn’t affect software running after optimizations but keep in mind it’s not suitable for work machine.

    Purist: This is an extreme purist level. Fidelizer will stop/disable system services that aren’t related to audio playback. Services like Windows Update, Print Spooler or even network may stop completely depending on configuration. Don’t ever use this on work machine, you have been warned.


    You can restart to return back to normal if you have trouble. For Fidelizer Pro, please run again, select Consumer level and Fidelize before restart.



    STEP 3: Choosing configuration for the right application


    In Fidelizer Pro, you can change your machine configuration for different suitable audio applications. Since they’re already explained in About Fidelizer section, this section will cover end-user scenarios, as below.


    Fidelizer - User Scenario 1


    Scenario 1 – I use foobar2000 on dedicated audio machine playing songs from local storage and want the best possible sound quality.

    Optimization Level: Purist
    Machine Configuration: Audio Player (Without network connection)
    Music Player Application: foobar2000


    Fidelizer - User Scenario 2


    Scenario 2 – I use foobar2000 connecting to USB DAC without using DSP and want the best possible sound quality while keeping network remote working.

    Optimization Level: Purist
    Machine Configuration: Audio Render
    Music Player Application: foobar2000


    Fidelizer - User Scenario 3


    Scenario 3 – I use MinimServer on JPLAY Control PC streaming music to JPLAY Audio PC and want to experience the best possible sound quality.

    Optimization Level: Purist
    Machine Configuration: Streamer
    Music Player Application: MinimServer


    Fidelizer - User Scenario 4


    Scenario 4 – I use Roon on laptop for listening to music from TIDAL and want to improve sound quality without affecting my work applications.

    Optimization Level: Consumer
    Machine Configuration: Network Player
    Music Player Application: Roon


    Fidelizer - User Scenario 5


    Scenario 5 – I use XMBC for streaming audio/video playback and want to improve playback quality without losing Windows Update feature.

    Optimization Level: Audiophile
    Machine Configuration: Media Center
    Music Player Application: XMBC


    And click Fidelize to start optimizing system to improve sound quality. You’ll be prompted about launching music player application after optimizations so click ‘Yes’ if you want to launch your favorite music player software after optimizations.


    If you have any questions regarding Fidelizer, feel free to contact the author directly. We usually reply back within 24 hours. If you haven’t received any reply on email after 2 business days, your mail could probably have been sent to spam/junk box. Please contact us through other means like Facebook / Twitter / Skype.