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    Fiio X7 Purist ROM version 3.3.3 released!

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    As I released Fiio X7ii Purist ROM on another day, I also found Fiio X7 also have ROM update too so today I’m publishing Fiio X7 ROM update. I’ll update DX200 2.7.188 ROM after I can buy DX200 unit again. It was sold out last time I went to the shop.

    -Based on official Fiio X7 3.3.3 ROM
    -Apollo – Fidelity Edition from included
    -build.prop tweaks for better video and storage performance and improve battery life
    -bundled audio effects removed but keep main engine (Poweramp works now)

    Download: Fiio X7 Purist ROM


    Installation Guide

    1. Download X7 Firmware Upgrade Tool from Fiio website
    2. Turn off Fiio X7
    3. Connect X7 with USB connection to computer while holding previous track button
    4. Install RK USB driver included in Firmware Upgrade Tool and replace update.img image with Fidelizer Purist ROM version.
    5. Open X7 Firmware Upgrade Tool.exe and flash ROM according to instructions provided in “Instructions of How to Use the X7 Firwmare Upgrade Tool.pdf”


    There’s a lot of improvements for Enhanced / Advanced ROM with PerfectDynamics Sound Optimizations. Please also check Portable Products for more details about ROM upgrades and hardware modification.