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Fidelizer 8.0 released – Big updates and big offers for Nimitra/Nikola with JRiver support!


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Merry Christmas. I’ve been spending most of my time working on Fidelizer 8 update since last few months along with other projects so I’ve been so busy with the development to make sure I can safely deliver Fidelizer 8 update as my Christmas presents.

Back in Fidelizer 7, Advanced configuration page used to be a customization dialog where you can cherry pick each feature to apply. I planned to do something about it for a while but realizing my ideas was hard and I couldn’t finish it in previous version.

In Fidelizer 8, my concepts can finally be realized. The tricky part is it needs to support CPU with logical processors and without one too. Not only that, it  also need to adapt with different core affinity options in decimal, hexadecimal and binary format.

It’s a lot of hard work to get everything right after testing with a few processor models. This will make my dream feature where high level of multi-core optimizations can be realized in very simple and most efficient manner.

Fidelizer 8 comes with a lot of new features, a lot of improvements and provide more flexibility to support wider multimedia applications better as below:


“Minimalist” User Level – This new user level will allow Fidelizer to reduce non-audio processes and services down without affecting system performance. It will reduce non-audio interference without slow down your computer so you can apply more optimizations on daily machine.

Adjustable OS Timer Resolution – Since developing Fidelizer, I firmly believed having 0.5ms OS Timer resolution will always bring better results. But lately I find some devices with high buffer design performing better or have less issues with 5.0ms or 15.6ms so it’s adjustable now.

Core Isolation Policy – This is the main feature introduced in Fidelizer 8 for Plus and Pro version. Core Isolation will allow user to choose how audio task should work with other processes. You can choose how to utilize all cores for audio thread and isolate audio thread with non-audio processes. Core isolation can also apply to music player application to further resolution and transparency.

Improve description on User Level / Audio Profile – When I was adding Minimalist option, I noticed words I used during Fidelizer 7.0 release didn’t make sense to me anymore so I revised each option’s description to be more user-friendly.

Improve music player application selection – This used to be tricky to change music player application. In Fidelizer 8, I finally found a good way to handle music player application better. I’ll continue to improve this with multiple launch support in future updates as well.

Reduce Non-audio process penalty – Despite my effort to set default option to Consumer user level, some users still chose Audiophile/Purist and complained it slowed down computer. So, I reduced penalty on non-audio process to solve this case. They will not use first core and have below normal priority. There’s option to further reduce priority to lowest in but only Plus and Pro version can reduce core affinity for safety reason.

Improve applying optimizations time – Fidelizer 8 has several optimizations improvements to perform operations more efficiently. Improvements came from removing redundant tasks, revising operations to perform faster saving over 10 seconds and this is applied on free version too.

Processor Priority Policy – This will allow processor scheduling to use longer / shorter intervals and fixed / variable length for Fidelizer Pro. My preference is longer intervals with fixed length but you can try different flavor recommended by other developers too.

Improve Hyper-Threading detection – Fidelizer used to detect Hyper-Threading based on real processor core alone but I later realized it’s better to count floating point unit as real core processor. This time free version will also use Hyper-Threading detection on non-audio processes as well.

Improve Windows 10 and modern hardware support optimizations – Fidelizer used to have system configuration parameters fixed for 4GB or below as going higher is hard to maintain memory scaling ratio for good sound signature. Now we found better algorithms to handle small and large memory size efficiently. This new optimizations also tuned to sound great for all Windows 10 versions too.


There’s a few more but mentioning everything will not have enough room for another big news. So I’ll wrap up with Fidelizer 8 Upgrade offer as below:

Fidelizer 8 Plus version: US $39.95 —> $34.95
Fidelizer 8 Upgrade for Plus version: US $19.95 —> $14.95
Fidelizer 8 Pro version: US $69.95 —> $64.95
Fidelizer 8 Upgrade for Pro version: US $29.95 —> $24.95
Fidelizer 8 Upgrade from Plus to Pro version: US $30.00 —> $25.00
Fidelizer 8 Upgrade from older Plus to Pro version: US $39.95 —> $34.95

This upgrade offer will last until 31st January 2018. Fidelizer 8 also come with new new key generation algorithm so you’ll also need to send fidelizer.key data generated from Fidelizer 8 free version which you can find at the bottom left corner of first page.

Fidelizer 8 Upgrade won’t affect one-time free license transfer right on your license. You can upgrade and send the key from a new machine even if you used up transfer right too. I’ll allow an exception for Fidelizer 8 Upgrade case this time so you can get a fresh start again.

For the first 100 licenses and those who received Fidelizer after 26th October 2017, I’ve sent Fidelizer 8 free upgrade invitation to your mail account. Please contact me if you miss it. You can apply Fidelizer  Upgrade Program to get Fidelizer 8 today now!


Now let’s move on to Nimitra. Today is a big day. I’d like to inform you guys that we officially partnered with JRiver now to bring great JRiver experience with full optimizations in Fidelizer Nimitra Computer Audio Server.

Since selling Nimitra Computer Audio Server for about a year now, I found a few customers are using Nimitra with JRiver software and some distributors also asked me to build custom software solutions with Roon and JRiver with great results.

So I started tweaking JRiver with Nimitra for a while now for my clients. Some distributors also told me that I should put JRiver as part of product officially so customers can confidently buy Nimitra with JRiver support.

I thought about this plan for a while because some might speculate that Fidelizer and JPLAY are going separated ways. Marcin and I are good friends. I bought a few JCAT products for custom Nimitra units and still going to buy a few more from him in future so we’re on good terms. 🙂

You can choose to purchase Nimitra with either JRiver or JPLAY solution pre-installed and configured:


Fidelizer's J River WebRemote UI

JRiver – support uPNP streaming and can work with mConnect / BubbleuPNP apps. You can use them for Tidal / Quboz streaming and support JRemote / WebRemote with Fidelizer optimizations. There’s also optimized WebRemote that you can use as web app too.


Fidelizer - JPLAY on Nimitra

JPLAY – support OpenHome streaming and can work with Linn Kazoo in all platforms. You can use BubbleuPNP app on Android device for Tidal / Quboz streaming. So far only JPLAYStreamer is working with Linn Kazoo app properly.


However, JPLAY’s license is non-refundable product so I’ll need to deduct $100 USD for customer’s JPLAY license in case of returning. Nimitra still covers full refund with 30-day money back guarantee for JRiver solution.

If there’s any change of JPLAY licensing terms for Nimitra product in future, I’ll inform again. For now, JRiver will be default option to maintain 30-day money back guarantee policy. I still support JPLAY wholeheartedly as much as licensing terms allow me to.

Regardless of streaming solution you choose, Nimitra will also support Roon Ready and HQPlayer NAA as before. Since today is Christmas so I’d like to offer Nimitra and Nikola as Christmas sale for one last time as below:


Fidelizer Nimitra Computer Audio Server: US $1395 (Expired)
Fidelizer Nikola Linear Power Supply: US $495 (Expired)


This upgrade offer will last until 31st December 2017. I also informed distributors about this campaign too so you can also buy Nimitra and Nikola with $50-100 USD discount from them. Last time I forgot to inform them before making offers and I wanted to make up for them this time.


This year is the best year for Fidelizer, probably the best year in my entire life for being able to dedicate myself into this hobby and receive this much support from you guys. I hope you’ll like the improvements in Fidelizer 8 and I’ll arrange another firmware update for Nimitra soon.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy listening 2018 with my best regards. I’ll do my best to make cooler products and updates in next year too! 🙂