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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

    About Developer

    To understand the product better, getting to know developer will help understand the foundation of the product. In this page, you’ll learn about the background of Fidelizer’s developer and what he went through before Fidelizer was made.



    Could you tell us your background about music?


    Being a music enthusiast was mostly the result of my dad’s influence. He was very fond of audio systems. I listened to many local, western and classical tracks from my dad’s system during my childhood. In my hometown, audiophile is very small niche market despite its population.



    When did you start audiophile journey?


    The first audiophile gear I purchased was Boston PA790 2.1 speakers when I was 16, using money I got from a national software contest award. Then, I invested more on growing headphone rigs during university life until I bought a house with some stereo systems after graduated.

    During the course of my computer audiophile, I came across a good audiophile shop called Inventive AV and now they’re my good friends today. They’re very knowledgeable and passionate about high-end audio. They’re more like a serious player and I’m glad to find this shop.



    How good is high-end music server performance comparing CD transport from your experience?


    High-end music server products these days sound very good, though, they could be very expensive or cheap at times depending on your luck. However, they are a bit lacking in terms of good dynamics-revealing resolution comparing to high-end CD transport but we’re getting closer each year.



    How was your days of music server project until you make Fidelizer?


    Thanks to my studies in software engineering in university, I learnt about the internal workings of a computer that could relate to digital audio such as data communications, operating system, computer architecture, and so on. It helped a lot in my research to resolve digital audio issues in computers.

    So I made my own system with parts I designed, slimming down OS to nothing but audio playback, customizing and tweaking system down to API level to get better sound. And one day I got frustrated with OS X audiophiles berating Windows so I wrote Fidelizer with hope to change their opinions.



    What is your stereo system?


    Here’s my system. I changed equipment a few times for each component since buying my own house and this is my current system.

    Fidelizer - Developer's system

    Transport: Emm Labs CDSD SE (Ultra low-noise toroidal PSU/Blackgate caps) / Self-made music server using RME HDSP AES-32 (Windows based)
    DAC: Emm Labs DCC2 SE (Ultra low-noise toroidal PSU/Blackgate caps/upgraded opamps/Discrete buffer bypassed/wiring tuned)
    Master Clock: Antelope Isochrone OCX-V (Oscon caps/Ultra low-noise toroidal PSU) + Custom-built 10M Rubidium Oscillator
    Preamplfier: Viola Labs Cadenza
    Power amplifier: Karan KA S 450
    Speakers: Rockport Ankaa

    They may look expensive but I managed to buy used ones at good prices so I’m quite happy with it. Since current Emm Labs models no longer have word clock input, I have no choice but to keep previous ones and upgrade internal parts instead.


    It took a few years and I’ve been improving it since then and it got better and better along with my own music server system. Now it has reach the maturity point where I think Fidelizer is mandatory piece of digital audio in Windows and is reliable enough to extend its capabilities and support like Fidelizer Pro. Happy listening. 🙂