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    Nimitra review on TNT-Audio by Richard Varey

    Another review of Nimitra arrived since few days ago. I was busy with lots of stuff after BAV 2017 event and finally have time to wrire about it today. This time it’s from TNT-Audio written by Richard Varey, our Fidelizer Pro user and also a reviewer. 🙂

    This is probably the first review of Nimitra coming from non-highend system. You can learn Nimitra’s performance comparing to Fidelized PC and Rasberry Pi streamer platform in  [Review] Nimitra Computer Audio Server article.

    In my exploration of digital music playback, which so far has included a PC optimized with Fidelizer, a Raspberry Pi streamer with onboard DAC, and several open source software operating system options as alternatives to Microsoft Windows, this is the best sounding setup, as I expected it would be. The sound quality is crisp, very dynamic, very detailed, and the sound is natural, big and open. Especially impressive is the separation of instruments and voices and the believability of the soundstage image.

    Actually, he received the first demo unit for reviewing and review itself is finished few months ago. It took a while until his review going live.