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Nimitra Computer Audio Server and Nikola Linear Power Supply review on Positive Feedback by Larry Cox

Fidelizer received Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice 2016 Award by Mr. Larry Cox’s nomination last year. After launching Nimitra Computer Audio Server, I contacted Mr. Larry Cox asking if he’s interested in reviewing Nimitra.

He told me he wasn’t sure if he can review it since computer audio isn’t something he’s familiar with and he’s using DSD only DAC which could be tricky to setup with Nimitra. With Teamviewer remote support, he can leave configuration parts to me.

He also reviewed Nikola linear power supply together with Nimitra too. It doesn’t have WOW effect being so neutral so it may take a while to shine in some systems. I’m glad to hear Nikola grew wonderfully in this review with Nimitra.


Nimitra Computer Audio Server

Keetakawee Punpeng of Fidelizer has put together a fine machine. The Nimitra is transparent in the ways that are good—letting the signal through seemingly unmolested, without being transparent in ways that are not good—lean, bleached or neutered. I think Punpeng has largely achieved his goal of a turnkey operation. Keetakawee provides the service you’re likely to need, does it quickly and so deftly removed most of my concerns about buying a computer from someone in another country.


Nikola Linear Power Supply

In the interest of being thorough rather than hopeful, I reinserted the Nikola linear power supply. Ohhhhh, wow, this time the Nikola was a welcome and noticeable addition. The most obvious changes were in the lower midrange, imparting a welcome bit of warmth and emotional content. There were more musical interludes that occurred as beautiful. This was clearly better than previous iterations. Keep in mind that this review, as with probably every other review, accentuates differences to make a point. The sound was very nice without the Nikola, but the Nikola added a dollop of more that was desirable. And yet, there was room for more.

I’d like to thank Mr. Larry Cox again for nominating Fidelizer for Writers’ Choice Award and kindly review Nimitra and Nikola again. I hope this will help audiophiles realize computer audio can have good sound and after sale services like Nimitra. 🙂