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iBasso DX100/HDP-R10 Purist ROM version 1.4.2 released!

Fidelizer - DX100 Purist ROM


I was told new DX200 ROM is out now but allow me to release this first. In my early days of Android ROM optimizations, I got a chance to try optimizing DX100 ROM for my client once but couldn’t get the optimized ROM working due to my inexperience.

I recently got another chance to try on iBasso DX100 firmware again. Now I know more about Android and Linux so I can optimize both boot and system image without corrupting it. DX100 is quite slow with Gingerbread and Fidelizer Purist ROM helps a lot.

After modifying DX100 firmware, the client himself told me he’ll apply Fidelizer Ultimate Mod for completed hardware upgrade next. I also modified AK380Cu last week and have few more DX200, AK380Cu and Opus#2 to work on so this will take a while. 🙂


-Based on firmware version 1.4.2
-build.prop tweaks for better video and storage performance and improve battery life
-Audio engine optimized for only audio playback (EQ/Gaplass features work)
-Bundled audio effects removed but keep main engine (Poweramp works now)


Download: iBasso DX100/HDP-R10 Purist ROM


Installation Guide

You can copy update.img file into micro SD card or internal storage and flash ROM update as stock ROM. If you want to flash from computer like for HDP-R10 model, you can do it by flashing with instructions based on DX200 from here.

1. Download Factory Tool provided by Paul
2. Turn off DX100
3. Connect DX100 with USB connection to computer while holding volume up button switch
4. Install Rockchip USB driver included in FactoryTool
5. Open FactoryTool.exe and flash ROM according to instructions provided in DX200 batch tool instruction.doc


There’s a lot of improvements for Advanced ROM and I also added Enhanced ROM into collection too. Please read Portable Products for more details including Fidelizer Mod projects with up to 3 modification levels.