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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

    Fiio X5iii Purist ROM version 1.1.8 released with PerfectDynamics Sound Optimizations!


    Fidelizer - PerfectDynamics Sound Optimizations


    For new users, please read about PerfectDynamics Sound Optimizations first for new improvements with Fidelizer ROMs.


    Before introducing PerfectDynamics update, I tested PerfectDynamics Sound Optimizations with iBasso DX200, Fiio X5iii and iBasso DX90 to confirm my theory. However, launching new ROM updates requires more testing and I found some issues to work on since last week.

    When I left X5iii playing with repeat, I found it stopped playing after few tracks. I also added other optimizations for Fiio itself too so finding which tweaks caused this issue took me a lot longer than I expected and now it’s finally fixed and stable for whole night music.

    -Based on firmware version 1.1.8
    -Apollo – Fidelity Edition from included
    -build.prop tweaks for better video and storage performance and improve battery life
    -bundled audio effects removed but keep main engine (Poweramp works now)

    Download: Fiio X5iii Purist ROM


    For Fidelizer Enhanced / Advanced ROM users, you’ll also receive the following improvements with new update as below:

    -Added PerfectDynamics Sound Optimizations for more accurate sound reproduction
    -Added second micro SD card slot support (experimental)
    -Disabled Kernel Same-page Merging feature
    -Fixed playback instability with high capacity micro SD cards
    -Optimized I/O priority for better stability


    Installation Guide

    1. Download Factory Tool provided by Devin
    2. Turn off Fiio X5iii
    3. Connect X5iii with USB connection to computer while holding previous track button
    4. Install RK USB driver included in Firmware Upgrade Tool and replace update.img image with mine.
    5. Open X5III Firmware Upgrade Tool.exe and flash ROM according to instructions provided in Instructions of How to Use the X5 3rd gen Firwmare Upgrade Tool.pdf


    There’s a lot of improvements for Advanced ROM and I also added Enhanced ROM into collection too. Please read Portable Products for more details including Fiio X5iii Fidelizer Mod project with 3 modification levels. Happy listening. 🙂