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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

    Fidelizer Upgrade Program – 1800th purchase offer with $5-200 discount on all purchases

    We’ve reached 1800th milestone now. Only 2 more to go to reach 2000th license. Some people asked me about black friday deals for Fidelizer before. So, I’ll also give $5 discount offer to all other Fidelizer upgrade options as compensation.

    X’mas is coming and I think many people are expecting to buy Nimitra Computer Audio Server for X’Mas presents so I’m also giving $200 discount offer to Nimitra too. This should be a good present from me and for you to your fellow audiophile friends. 🙂

    Fidelizer Plus: US $39.95 —> $34.95
    Fidelizer Pro: US $69.95 —> $59.95
    Nimitra Computer Audio Server: US $1395 —> $1195
    Other Fidelizer upgrade options: US $5 discount applied

    This offer will last until Until 31th December 2016. Discount rate is the same as purchasing Fidelizer software again so new customer and returning customer will get the same price. You may order again anytime and receive partial-refund as discount later after this campaign is over.

    I hope this will be good chance for you to consider upgrading Fidelizer software. With 100% satisfaction rate, I’ll make sure you’ll have a worthwhile investment with Fidelizer. 🙂

    Keetakawee Punpeng (Windows X)