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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

    Fidelizer Mod accepts modding your unit now!

    Chord Mojo - Fidelizer Signature Mod


    Back then we used to have screen issues with early DX200 units which can be a complicated case to handle with Fidelizer Mod. I resolved this case by offering Fidelizer Mod with a new unit to minimize the risks of getting defective screen while applying Fidelizer Mod to DX200.

    Since DX200 has defective touch screen issue resolved and most units got their screen fixed, I’m ready to officially accept products from customers to apply Fidelizer Mod. You can order Fidelizer Mod product from website and I’ll send shipping information after receiving your order.

    Aside from Fiio X5iii, iBasso DX200 and Chord Mojo, I also modify all other units. Here’s what I’ve done and going to do since last two months.

    Cayin C6
    Emm Labs DCC2 SE
    Oppo UDP-203
    Oppo UDP-205
    Fiio X5iii
    Opus #2
    Cowon Plenue 1
    Chord Mojo
    Chord Hugo
    Chord Poly
    Lawtoo Paw Gold
    Onkyo DP-X1A
    iPod Classic

    I also heard from clients about DAP getting a shorter life-cycle so it might be better idea to switch to a new DAP rather than modding. I’ve been on this journey since early days of iPod and iRiver (which became Astell & Kern) so I’d like to share some thoughts based on my experience.


    Fidelizer Mod - Emm Labs


    Getting a new DAP doesn’t mean it’ll always improve sound quality. Sometimes it’s more like getting a different flavor with different DAC chip or parts that cost about the same. You’ll see some audiophiles preferring older models from time to time.

    You can upgrade your DAP with good reasons such as it has new features that benefits you like adding balanced headphone, full Android platform with streaming support, design looks cool and you like it. Go ahead. Take it and enjoy it. No harm no foul to buy what we like.

    However, selling and buying a new ones will probably cost you over $100 up to $300 per upgrade. Using that budget to modify your product for real improvements might not sound bad for some devices like Fiio X5iii and iBasso DX200.  They’re decent models packed with lots of features and can be improved a lot with Fidelizer Mod. 🙂