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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

    Fidelizer is now 6 years old today. Time sure flies.

    I published Fidelizer software in my own website on 14th April 2011. There’s a lot going on recently and also a lot of big things ahead so I’m feeling sentimental and would like to share the story of Fidelizer since its birth until today.

    The start of Fidelizer wasn’t smooth sailing trip. It was a thorny road and very tough ones. I firstly built Fidelizer software for free with intention to make Windows sounding better than OS X platform since many OS X audiophiles looked down on Windows. Even now a few still ignorantly do that.

    Despite my attempt to provide free good stuff to improve computer audio for audiophiles, Fidelizer was treated harshly by skeptics back then. It was removed from computer audiophile and hydrogen audio communities by administrators thinking it’s a snake oil product.

    I absolutely had no intention to sell the software during that time but I hate the idea for corporate to secretly integrate my software in their highend music servers I put some protection onto it. Maybe some geeks hated to deal with these protections so I received some backlashes from them.

    I considered abandoning this project for many times through the first two years. It always pained me to see people commenting Fidelizer as dangerous software even though it made no permanent changes to system and also label it as a snake oil software.

    And one day, I realized that I need to pick either overcoming the setbacks by taking this project seriously or dropping this project and focus on something else. I chose to take this project seriously and put serious effort on Fidelizer and released version 6.0 with Fidelizer Upgrade Program.

    Fidelizer had some sales initially and it went down to once in every 1-2 weeks. I didn’t expect Fidelizer project to be financially successful but it did solve some complaints on software itself. I started to hear positive feedback from customers and I’ve been so grateful for all feedback.

    However, I still had so much to do for starting business like this. There’s one member in Audio Asylum called fmak. He hates the idea of selling audio optimizer software and keep bashing Fidelizer and its related topics. We’ve been debating on a few topics years back.

    And one day, I listened to his criticisms about website full of ads so I built a new simple and clean website for it. Thank you fmak. Your honest opinion gave birth to awesome Fidelizer website. That was one of the best advice I received since founding Fidelizer.

    As Fidelizer keeps growing, I’m also growing with Fidelizer too. This business changed me from being egotistical person to become understanding audiophile who now realized what it takes for audiophiles to be happy in this hobby. Fidelizer business really helps me to grow as a better person.

    As I mentioned before that I started selling Nimitra Computer Audio Server as a turnkey server for audiophiles without computer knowledge, now Nimitra starts to earn recognition from media and customers. It’s won 3 big awards in only 3 months and I start to have distributors now.

    Right now I’m in turning point to realize the bigger goals of Fidelizer. I’d like to tell you I truly appreciated in your support during these 6 years. I couldn’t have made it this far without all support and encouragement from you.

    Thank you,