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Fidelizer 8 key request for Emanuela Mintken’s order

Dear Mr. Emanuela Mintken,

Thank you for trusting in Fidelizer products. I received a new Fidelizer Pro order yesterday and tried to request Fidelizer 8 key but mail provider reporte that your address wasn’t available. Hence, I can’t communicate with you, let alone delivering Fidelizer Pro license.

I also tried to use your registered email address to reach out to you through Skype and Facebook in case you have associated account but there was none too. After trying all possible ways, I decided to ask you in website and my social channels as the last resort.

So I’d like to ask you to visit Contact page and reach out to me again with PayPal’s Transaction ID and your registered email address for confirmation and please send me new email address to deliver Fidelizer updates too.