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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

Fidelizer 7.8 released – Improved Spotify and Windows 10 compatibility with some bug fixes

Since the transition to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, some users set Fidelizer as a default shell with AudiophileOptimizer’s ServiceTool but Task Scheduler service is working on both Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 with core mode. As a result, we have duplicated execution of fidelizercore.exe causing strange bugs.

To fix this issue, I added checking process to avoid multiple instance of startup operations so this bug won’t come back again. I also added Spotify into compatibility list and fix Windows 10’s shell stability issues on some systems.

I’ve been busy with a lot of things such as custom Nimitra units and Nimitra Computer Audio Server review in Stereophile that you saw on another day. This review is a proof that Nimitra is acknowledged by globally trusted media.

Changelog for version 7.8

-Fixed Windows 10’s shell stability issues in higher user levels
-Improved compatibility with Spotify software

-Fixed Windows 10’s shell stability issues in higher user levels
-Improved compatibility with Spotify software

-Added memory rounding block improving system configuration optimizations
-Fixed Windows 10’s shell stability issues in higher user levels
-Improved compatibility with AudiophileOptimizer shell replacement option
-Improved compatibility with Spotify software

Download: Fidelizer 7.8
Upgrade: Fidelizer Upgrade Program

Fidelizer Plus/Pro users should be received a mail about update and download link by now. If you somehow didn’t receive an update notification as I received some delivery failure message too, please contact me for an update with your customer data to verify.

Since we have over 2,300 licenses now so we can’t deliver all licenses in a single day with 1,000 sending limit per day. We made some changes to delivery platform to slowly send software update to customers. I also noticed some customers have yet to provide fidelizer.key data after asking a few times so please contact me back.

Some people asked for Apollo app in Fidelizer ROM so here it is.

I shared my mods of Apollo app XDA forum with the following changes:


-Compiled with Linaro 4.7 Toolchain with Fidelity Edition flags optimization (-O3/Strict-aliasing/etc.)
-Raised the handler thread priority level to high priority audio level. Normally it was set to background level but if you want to turn this to music phone, that level of priority won’t make sure you’ll get good music without being interrupted.
-Increase performance on caching system. It may consume little more space but should improving disk caching performance significantly. I decreased load factor from 0.75 to 0.5 so it shouldn’t consume much more space like 0.25 (Or maybe I should)
-Reduced buffer size and output latency in disk caching. This should some what improve performance for low latency audio playback.


Apollo Music Player – Fidelity Edition

Added DX80 Enhanced ROM feedback from Inna Bokhonok

Here’s another feedback today from iBasso DX80 customer. He sent me his feedback through Skype after receiving Enhanced ROM for his DX80.

After 4 hour of listnening i can tell that another a very high level …
Only know i look at this “brick” like a really music devise
Music became like pure mountain water…dont know how describe …
Even nowadays material with small dynamic range sound fantastic
This is trully win !
I bow to you…your experience is awesome

Optimizing sound quality in Android DAP is like optimizing Rasberry PI with Fidelizer for Linux. Sounds great!

Fidelizer feedback around Japan

Hello everyone. I started to receive orders from Japan more frequently since last month so I did some search about Fidelizer in Japan and found these.



JPLAY シングルPCでWindows10 Proを試す(2)

Windows 10におけるFidelizer Proを再評価

JPLAYデュアルPCモードでのFidelizer Pro~修正あり

Fidelizer Pro


These are pages I found in Japan since last few months. Thank you so much for sharing Fidelizer’s feedback. I hope Fidelizer will become more useful products to audiophiles in Japan in years to come. 🙂

Head-Fi, why do you hate Fidelizer so much?

Today I searched about Fidelizer in google for daily update and found someone in Head-Fi mentioning Fidelizer here.


FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out



So I clicked on it to see what they’re talking about FIdelizer ROMs and I found very big pictures with no context instead.


It made no sense to me so I asked my Head-Fi friends if anyone can see it. One guy told me he saw it briefly. He told me that member shared a link to Fidelizer website and he also saw someone quoting his message too for discussion about Fidelizer ROM.

After few seconds, only few seconds as he refresh the topic for updates, those posts are replaced with very big pictures instead. He suspected Head-Fi may have algorithm to detect Fidelizer keyword and domain to automatically filter with different content.

Back in March, I started cooking ROMs trying to fix slowdown issues, glitches, and add Play Store support with some optimizations to improve DX200 and X5iii. Such a great contribution to your community and I’m sure everyone loves it.

Why Head-Fi? Why do you hate Fidelizer so much? I’m just a one man developer who do projects for fun and share what’s good to community. I have no marketing guy or any hype building members anywhere. They’re all genuine content from members.

Added Nimitra feedback from Roger Smith

Here’s a new feedback today from Fidelizer Nimitra customer in United Kingdom. He shared his feedback after burning in Nimitra for over 200hrs.


My Nimitra has now been on playing a mix of music for 200 hours and its sounding brilliant, quiet background, bags of detail, wonderful bottom end. This is extreme value for money.

Kind Regards
Roger Smith

I’m so happy hear Nimitra is extreme value for money as an affordable highend server at $1,395 USD. 🙂