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Are you computer audiophile? If so, Fidelizer will help you enjoy the music on computer even more.

Fidelizer Upgrade Program – 1800th purchase offer with $5-200 discount on all purchases

We’ve reached 1800th milestone now. Only 2 more to go to reach 2000th license. Some people asked me about black friday deals for Fidelizer before. So, I’ll also give $5 discount offer to all other Fidelizer upgrade options as compensation.

X’mas is coming and I think many people are expecting to buy Nimitra Computer Audio Server for X’Mas presents so I’m also giving $200 discount offer to Nimitra too. This should be a good present from me and for you to your fellow audiophile friends. 🙂

Fidelizer Plus: US $39.95 —> $34.95
Fidelizer Pro: US $69.95 —> $59.95
Nimitra Computer Audio Server: US $1395 —> $1195
Other Fidelizer upgrade options: US $5 discount applied

This offer will last until Until 31th December 2016. Discount rate is the same as purchasing Fidelizer software again so new customer and returning customer will get the same price. You may order again anytime and receive partial-refund as discount later after this campaign is over.

I hope this will be good chance for you to consider upgrading Fidelizer software. With 100% satisfaction rate, I’ll make sure you’ll have a worthwhile investment with Fidelizer. 🙂

Keetakawee Punpeng (Windows X)

Fidelizer 7.5 released – Small fixes for upgraded users and performance improvement for free users

It’s been a while after previous 7.4 release. Fidelizer is now very stable so I barely receive issues to be fixed for product itself. Most issues I received came from problems after Windows 10 update such as security problems or Windows 10 issues itself so only UX bug for music player application to be fixed for now.

As for free users, I received some feedback from free users saying it slows down system too much so they ended up not using it. Maybe they run other programs before Fidelizer so those programs will be treated as non-audio processes too.

Since system performance becoming an issue for free users, I decided to give one more core since free version doesn’t support hyper-threading optimizations and increase priority a bit more to non-audio processes.

It’s a tough call since some free users don’t mind system being slow for better sound quality. They may think of this as forced upgrade attempt. However, there’s a lot of free users having performance issues decided to stop using Fidelizer and they can also upgrade Fidelizer for better sound too.

I hope free users can understand that I’ve tried all I could to offer options that they can customize. I also set default option to Consumer user level so it won’t affect system performance but some users still choose the best not realizing the consequences.

Changelog for version 7.5

-Added one more core to non-audio processes for less playback problems without hyper-threading optimizations
-Changed button’s name that opens Fidelizer Upgrade Program page to “Order Fidelizer”
-Increased priority to non-audio processes a bit more so system won’t be too slow for free users

-Changed button’s name that opens Fidelizer Upgrade Program page to “Order Fidelizer”
-Fixed software not asking for a new music player application when previous ones no longer exists

-Changed button’s name that opens Fidelizer Upgrade Program page to “Order Fidelizer”
-Fixed software not asking for a new music player application when previous ones no longer exists

Download: Fidelizer 7.5
Upgrade: Fidelizer Upgrade Program

Fidelizer Plus/Pro users should be received a mail about update and download link by now. If you somehow didn’t receive an update notification as I received some delivery failure message too, please contact me for an update with your customer data to verify.

Since we have over 1700 licenses now so we can’t deliver all licenses in a single day with 1,000 sending limit per day. We made some changes to delivery platform to slowly send software update to customers. I also noticed some customers have yet to provide fidelizer.key data after asking a few times so please contact me back.


Added testimonial from Luca Budel

Here’s a new feedback today. He’s using Fidelizer Pro with Copland DAC.

Hi, Keetakawee

Fantastic your software! I use it precisely with a Copland Dac-215.

Thank you very much

Best regards

Glad to hear he likes it. Stay fantastic. 🙂

Added testimonial from Henrik Broman (JPLAY)

Here’s another feedback today. This time it’s from Fidelizer Pro customer using with JPLAY + Roon.

Thanks for a great product! It works really well in audiophile/renderer mode, together with Roon-Jplay-Ifi-Lyngdorf2170 🙂

Another satisfying feedback from JPLAY/Roon user. 🙂

A+ Technology in Daniel Hertz’s Master Class software and future of highend audio

Yesterday I had lunch with Mr. Mark Levison. Now he found his forth company after Mark Levison, Cello, and Red Rose Music. What piqued my interest is his A+ algorithm in Master Class software. It seems to be remastering tool using applied technology from Cello Audio Palette. You can read more about A+ technology and test with sample files from website below.

He claimed it will improve sound quality by filling the gap between digital block with the original data for more analog sound. It sounds like dithering to me but his engineer told me it’s not dithering. I wonder how A+ works and will it provide any benefit measurable with scientific data.

I also discussed with his engineer about Master Class software and its potential to bring A+ technology into other platforms and possibly DAC/Network Player. Companies like Weiss and Meridian also started to promote digital filter features in their products like DAC501 and MQA. I wonder if future of highend audio will revolve around digital filter from audio mastering solutions to consumer audio products.



Added Nimitra feedback from Song Soon Onn

Here’s a new feedback today from Fidelizer Nimitra customer. He also shared his feedback in Facebook post below.

Sold my Aurender W20 & guess what , I bought Fidelizer Nimatra based on fidelized window 10 platform , which can serve as Streamer , Server & Network player Roon ready & as HQP NAA device . After doing much research ( read audiostream review about Nimitra & 6moons abt Fidelizer software ) I decided to buy Fidelizer Nimitra at promo price @ USD 1195 ie more than 10x cheaper than W20 .

Being computer illiterate , I had great difficult setting it up & thru TeamViewer & working for 6/7 hours over 2 days , finally I managed to get it working & it certainly sound better than what I paid for . Let’s see how it perform with better LPSU , cabling & SSD

It’s rare to get such dedicated service for such cheap product & I certainly appreciate the effort by Keetakawee Punpeng
I understd a unit was send to Matej of Mono & stereo for review

Selling 10 times more expensive product for Nimitra, that’s quite daring decision. 🙂