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    Added testimonial from Damien Read (JPLAY)

    Here’s another feedback today. It’s been a while since last JPLAY user with foobar2000 software.

    Just thought I would drop a email and say a big thank you for Fidelizer Pro.
    I use it with Foobar2000, Process Lasso and Jplay on a stand alone Windows 10 PC. My DAC being a J Kenny Ciunas.
    I had used the Free Version of Fidelizer, and l can happily report than Fidelizer Pro gives a further gain in performance.
    Put simply, this is the best set up, l have had period.

    Kind Regards
    Damien Read

    If you’re happy with free version of Fidelizer, Fidelizer Pro will give a further gain in performance. 🙂