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    Added Nimitra+Nikola feedback from Richard

    Here’s a new feedback today from Fidelizer Nimitra customer. He sent me his feedback after testing Nimitra and Nikola with Roon and JPLAY setup.

    Hoi Keetakawee,

    I thought I will give you an update of my adventures with Nimira and Nikola. It runs very stable. Some times after a driver switch a DAC clock locking problem occurs but that is fixed by a restart or some more switching.
    Roon runs very stable and also with JPLAY as driver / output. JPLAY Server and Kazoo runs stable (slow on the remote). I guess to much files and albums. Latest update did not solve all the performance issues.

    Than at last where everything started with. Sound wise Nimitra is for me an end game solution.
    I am not going to describe my experience in subjective terms but I am very happy with it and I do not need anything better. I can alter the sound it a little bit with different USB cables, drivers or the player. It’s a matter of taste but it sounds always good.

    Roon performs sound wise also very nice. Comparing Roon to Jplay is not that easy. I like them both and I can use them both. Luxury problem that I am very happy with.


    Using Nimitra computer audio server and Nikola linear power supply can be end game setup for many audiophiles. 🙂