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    Added Nikola linear power supply feedback from Tak Ashida

    Here’s another feedback today from Fidelizer Nimitra customer. This PSU is specially built for his 19V requirements so I later added 15V / 19V support for Nikola.

    Hi Keetakawee,

    Just to let you know, the Nikola LPS arrived today. Have been listening to it for a while and I love it! Perhaps it needs some burn in time, but my first impression is that the sound stage is wider, the keyboard on one track was much natural sounding, the vocals less noisy and stable.

    The Nikola is definitely very enjoyable in terms of musical experience. However, It’s just the beginning.. so I shall continue with the exploration.

    PS: Thanks for being very flexible in building a 19V version for me.


    Glad to hear Nikola linear power supply improving musical experience and analytical qualities in his system. 🙂